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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kolkata Beckoned

And I went flying- not as much for the crappy conference but more for meeting the lovely ladies of Kolkata.
As I walked into the hotel and saw Dipali & Eve walk in, I felt as if I have come home.
I simply handed myself over to them and tagged along to Mocambo which serves Continental food, where Sue was eagerly waiting for us with a table already bagged and all (not).
Anyway the lady arrived gorgeous as ever and the evening was spent primarily doing two things- luring Dipali with nonveg food - the meats and the chickens and the prawns and generally feeling amazed that Eve's photos do not do any justice to what she is in person- much more sauve and sophisticate than it appears. Even though it did not feel so, I was meeting Eve for the first time if you are wondering.

The next day after attending to the (un)necessary business of attending the conference, more beacuse of the food to be had (tender meat if you ask and the most perfect daal), we camped in Dipali's house where in I got to put a face to another name- M4- and a very lovely face I must add. I had the opportunity to taste Dipali's famous cooking- I must have had atleast 10 helpings of rajma that evening and lots of helpings of laughter and giggles!


Sue said...

Oi, I went home and organised dinner for the boys and then ran back to meet you. These Bihari types are so ungrateful. :P

Anonymous said...

Next time you are in Kol try out Bhajo Hari Manna..they make amazing ice creams not to mention prawns cooked inside tender coconut

The Kid said...

What no pics?

Itchingtowrite said...

Kid- pics are there ...but none blog- enabled!! we are anon remember!!! ha ha ha!
Sue- phir bihari bola?

Minka said...

Itchy , I am in Kol too now . But pretty far off and not too familiar yet to get around myself.

dipali said...

We had a blast, Itchy!!!!!
Come again soon.

eve's lungs said...

Had a wonderful wonderful time Itchy - come again faaaast ! And thank you for the wonderful compliment !