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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am Cross

At one point I would do crosswords like crazy. Especially the Hindu Crossword.
From the time I switched to Times, I stopped getting my dose of my favourite Hindu crossword.
I don't do straight- I adore cryptic- straight is too vast. I especially dislike the Times Crossword full of four letter words. How restrictive.
I tried downloading free software that would let me do the Hindu Crossword (THC) online but failed.
For now I just print it out on some one -side used paper and work on it- after I finish my Times Sudoku and jumble that is!
I had vivid memories of my mom and assorted chacha-mamas bent over the Telegraph jumble and my little self trying hard to worm my way through the crowd and work on unscrambling the jumbled words. And some memories of my Mami and cousin R & me competing with each other to solve the similar word jumbles and crossword.
In MBA hostel, I would bug a certain senior to guide me through the world of cryptic crossword through THC that I had only then discovered.
At some level, it saddens me to see that many children do not really savour these word /number games. Perhaps parents should get them hooked on to areas beyond normal studies right from the beginning. I have seen kids who top their class score pathetically when application of the same set of skills is concerned. I sour education system flawed that way?

1 comment:

dipali said...

i love The Hindu crossword, though it has become rather strange of late.
Internet time eats into crossword time and reading time. Trying to strike a balance:)