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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Healthy Wealthy & Wise Birthday

Another birthday - this time it made me turn 35.
I assumed I turned wiser but not a moment went by when I did not anticipate what the Hubby had planned for me, how many people are going to call me and how many friends are going to wish me.
Didn't they say that age is just a number?
The hubby did not disappoint me - he arrived at the appointed hour of midnight with a bouquet of roses (not) and a cake (yes)! Yummy, gooey chocolate truffle cake which was demolished the next day by Ojas at breakfast, lunch and dinner and the rest of us were not too restrained either. The kids made a birthday card each with flower pots and garden and all.
And I became wealthier by a gold ring from the husband!
We planned to go for lunch after I would get home from half a day of slogging at work (not). But then on the way back from dropping the kids to school, I just took an impulsive turn that led me back to base.
Last month I had wrangled a gift from the husband in advance- a gym membership- we took a couple membership and utilized the gift with great enthusiasm during the mid morning hours, competing with each other, until it was time to pick the kids up.
Since we had expended with a lot of calories in advance, we hogged to our hearts' content at Kabab Factory and spend the rest of the evening shopping.
After another round of cake cutting and gifts from the dear neighbours we closed the day with another cake cutting as the husband's birthday arrived. The kids gave a mickey mouse birthday card.
The next day was bunked again with due dilligence and spent at Radisson's International food cuisine- Greek, Chinese, Indian etc etc... a total of 13 nonveggie dishes apart from the cold salads and a whole host of desserts.
We cut a brownie cake in the evening and had an impromptu assembled meal that included a tandoori chicken!


R's Mom said...

hey wish you a very happy birthday and to your hubby too...great to know about the gifts and the 'gym' memberships and all that :):)

artnavy said...

happy bday R and K

u guys live it up!!

Sandhya said...

Happy birthday to the couple!

Hey many kgs did u gain??

Devasena Hariharan said...

Sorry..belated birthday wishes to u and K. this guy didnt tell me abt it, he was planning to come over there but he still didnt tell me abt it.

I was just struck on to Oct 1st. Completely forgot abt it.

AA_Mom said...

Happy Birthday to you both.

The boys share the same birthday and you both celebrate it a day apart! Nice!

Phoenixritu said...

Sounds like a fun birthday. Belated happy birthday

Timepass said...

Happy Bday..
P.S: Any leftover cake??? i am near ur resi this week!

Itchingtowrite said...

Thnaks girls
sandhya- aaargh- we talk only weight loss from now on ok? any grams we gain in teh process is called water retention or bloating or undigested food.

TP- sorry no cake left!!! we distributed most of them so that we won't feel obliged to eat them up

Sue said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday weekend. You did good, Itchykins.