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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ojas- Ojas Tejas twins, Mamma Dadda Twins, R & S twins and Ramesh - Murugan twins (the electrician and odd job boy in the building)
Tejas- No Ramesh Murugan are 3- Ramesh, Murugan and Quick Gun Murugan

Me- count till 100
O/ T- 90, 91, 92.....
Me- No
O/T- 10, 20, 30....

Tejas- with a half empty bottle of Coke- Evening big people drink (hubby had done that previous evening), and morning small people drink- tips the bottle into his open drooling mouth

Tejas- Mamma- I have eaten a cashew
Me- blabber blabber, sniffs at mouth to see what exactly he has eaten and notices a clear minty flavour coming from his mouth. where did you pick up this toffee- conjuring images of he picking up dicarded candy from outside. Bring me the candy wrapper. Show me... blabber blabber
Ojas- complains- Mamma- Tejas had taken Dadda's toffee
Tejas- No , I took from my pocket
Ojas- How many were there
Tejas- only one
Ojas- then why didn't you share it with me


Prarich said...

Haha that's so notorious!

Prarich said...

and what made him think that if he says cashew, you will not trouble him..