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Monday, April 19, 2010

Identify These Eating Places

Ok Answers Now
All these pictures have been clicked in eating places in Chennai.

Identify them!
Blatant Hint there- watch it closely.... Famous Chaat place
Kailash Parbat- look at the place mat

Coffee and sandwiches anyone? Look for the hint
Mocha Adyar- look at the napkin
Rooftop of a famous restaurant. I could have mentioned the cuisine but why should I???
Cascade Adyar- Chinese cuisine- we go there because they have these cars to drive around in- Ojas Tejas somehow manage to wrangle the cars from other kids and monopolise them throughout the meal
If you go here often, you will recognize the heavy looking lightweight glasses
Radisson Kabab Factory
A famous dessert place in an entrtainment venue.
Ecstacy Satyam cineplex
A very metallic smokey sort restaurant..
Copper Chimney- Metallic Smoke!!

A place en route somewhere. Hint is there. watch closely
Pit Stop - see the balloons - ECR road- nasty place though- and I have bad memories of it because Ojas dirtied his diaper there just as the burgers were being served

Theme restaurant - 3 restaurants in one location- this is a swing in the garden area
Delhi Dhabba, Malgudi et al- garden area- village concept restaurant
Watch the background closely. Identify the buffet area or name of the hotel
Main Street Residency Towers- the decor is like street of London


IdeaSmith said...

And why would anyone want to look at the furniture and decor when your Ojas and Tejas are so much cuter? How did you get them to pose with such seriousness (and without hitting each other)?

The Print Lover said...

I dont know the answer to any. But would love to know..

rrmom said...

The first one says 'Kailash Parbat' and dDoes the last one say 'The Camden Lock Shop'?