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Friday, April 16, 2010

5 Things that disappear just when you need them

Kiran did not tag me on this one but she did tag me on something else and I have already done it before.
So I take up this interesting tag to do here as I am itching to write something that is easy to write and requires not much thinking, unlike a few book reviews which I would like to do
So those elusive 5 things
1. My thinking cap- everytime there is a ppt to do, I spend days moping over where the thinking cap has vanished. I spend hours thinking up ideas, story boards and one fine day, which is usually friday evening, I hit upon a brilliant idea and not much time to work on because as a rule, weekends, i do not take my work home!
2. My keys- alway vanish in the crevasses of my bag. If I need the cupboard keys, my fingers lock upon the house keys, if I need house keys, the only key that comes to my hands are the car keys. So I packed all keys into a bag and guess what- the bag - and mind you- not a small one- the size of a decent clutch bag, hides itself into the depths of my bag. I think I need a smaller bag.
3. The husband- everyone agrees to this one- the husband has the art to vanish from within shouting distance everytime there is an earthquake, or when the child falls ill or when I feel emotionally drained or when I need to talk/ bitch/ gossip or when I feel like going out for dinner.
4. The net connection in the husband's laptop or via airtel broadband- every single time it vanishes. The problem never happens on my laptop but the moment I even think that I should ask the husband for his laptop to brouse, my husband complains that "net is not working". This especially happens when I want to skype.
5. The maid- Always vanishes. whether in my home or any other place I go, the maid vamooses as soon as I reach there. And if one afternoon I am not at home, the maid would have come and gone moments before I had reached home.

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R's Mom said...

Hey you just picked up everything on my list as well...its soooooo true!!!! great list hehehe :)