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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ghar Mein Summer Camp

For a while I had been racking my brains with the question of what to do with the kids during summer vacation. Summer camp was one of the ideas but the trouble of dropping and bringing them back defeats the whole purpose of having them out of the hair and also keeping them busy.
What activities to keep them occupied? So I have collected color books, small alphabets, capital letters, Hindi writing books and all but how much can children write? Not the entire day. And what about the all round learning that I have always talked about
With the neighbours in the complex, we hit upon this brilliant idea.
A teacher in the complex had mentioned that she was keen to do "summer" classes which could be extended beyond the summer for the kids in the complex.
We just grabbed at the opportunity that was present right under our noses and assembled in her house to motivate her into starting soon.
So now, we have a full fledged summer camp happening in our on complex where she teaches them shlokas, rhymes, reads out stories and does activities. Parents have geared up and given their kid's story books to be read out for the session.
My neighbour and I are taking care of the activity part. We download activity sheets relevant to the story- coloring pages, join the dots, circle words, match the following and other easy and exciting stuff. We have told her to only do crayon and (color) pencil activity and do as little cutting and sticking activities because then we will require more people to assist.
We are also planning to teach them some play acting of the stories or dancing and then do a stage show in the complex at the end of the summer.
Other ideas in the pipeline is to get the older girls to teach them some dancing a few days a week and possibly get a lady in the complex who sings well and request her to teach some bhajan singing also as we progress. Lets see how this goes. I am pretty excited about the whole thing as so far it has been good.


Shankari said...

Wow! That is quite an impressive list. With my older daughter's break coming up in July, a couple of other mom's and I are already racking our brains. I might end up taking a couple of points from your list. Hope it is okay.

First time here as Shankari :) Have lurked here before as Lakshmi!!!

How do we know said...

ooh la la!! kya super idea hai! and fantastic execution too!

Anand said...

Nice idea to keep the kids occupied....btw, saw you with the kids in yesterday's b'day party. did not realise it was tejas & ojas until they were leaving :)

Itchingtowrite said...

hi Anand- freaky
u shud hav met me naa?
remind me-describe yourself i wil try to recall

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!! thats such a great idea!! :)

am sure with all enthu cutlets like you it will be a rocking success!


Anonymous said...

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Vibha said...

Great! and coincidentally we also did the same here. We - a team of two mothers arranged an activity class for the kids of our aptt complex and did some projects and story telling sessions. It was fun and all free !!! We got to learn from the teaching activity. Made one interesting paper mache project.