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Friday, April 10, 2009

What Does One Get When One Sleeps with the Kids

Do you think I would have wanted to miss this out had I Ferberized the kids?

1. A series of bedtime tales spun by Tejas...
Mosquito came, he bit Tejas in the buttom (buttocks), he came from the window....blah blah blah.
Mamma- then what happened
Tejas- now Lizard story. Lizard was there in the garden, Dadda put it in my pant (the plastic one), blah blah blah
Now Cockroach- cockroach was flying, he came from the window...blah blah blah

2. Listening to Shayad yehi hai pyaar from Metro and singing along too.

3. Bonding- Mamma why are you angry? Dadda is seeing TV? Tejas/ Ojas want to watch cartoon (basically bonding on common woes of not getting to watch TV)

4. 2 tiny arms wrapped around yours truly - feels like heaven?

5. Discussion on what was done in school

6. Story time - a proper one from Mamma that is!


How do we know said...

smiling all the way thru most of ur posts..

Ruchika said...

A very good one. So I guess they still share your bed. We have been trying to get our son to move into his crib now. Not working though :-) BTW, I saw your name on Nidhi Mittal's blog for Anirudh.