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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Around The World in 80 Clicks

A tag started by HBM that was passed on to me by ArtNavy.
Here are the rules:
Just write a post of your own (5 things that you love about being a mom) and find someone to link to and tag - someone from your own country, if you like, but definitely someone from another country - and link back here and leave a comment.

So are the 5 best parts of being a Mamma to Ojas & Tejas ?
- That I can look at a cow or a gas cylinder or a petrol bunk or an auto and shout in awe for their sake- little joys!
- Knowing that I am the most wonderful person according to 2 little people in my life
- That a person who will not sing Happy Birthday in public will now be dancing on any location in public or private with the 2 kids in tow and not feel goofy or loony or shy at all
- That I can truly understand and apply in my life the quote - Not letting school interfere with education - which means I may just stop midway to show a goat or a flower to Ojas & Tejas at the risk of arriving late to their school.
- Being pleasantly surprised at testing my own mettle in terms of ability, endurance and sustainence in terms of child-rearing? Today I am sincerely amazed at my ability to even give their meals on time, remembering their vaccinations, taking the all important decision on schooling or deciding when is the right time to take them to the doc!

I tag
Getting ThereNow


Artnavy said...

Thanks Itchy for taking it up

"not letting school interfere with education"- that is a good one

Anand said...
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Mama - Mia said...

brilliant read! :)

David said...

this is great - thanks so much!

Orchid said...

itw..hey girl, what's up??
and very nice take on the tag....

someone tag me please...won't mind doing this one!!

dipali said...

Loved the tag, and your post:)

Gauri said...

Itchy - tag's done :)

Munchkin said...

whoops! missed this post and so tagged you...lovely post btw:)