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Monday, April 27, 2009


Dadda- Bye
Tejas- give me car key
Dadda- I am going by car (lies)
Dadda leaves and Tejas proceeds to search for and find the key.
Tejas- arre, dadda keys? tumhara phone kahan hai (where's your phone), chala gaya, keys nahin liya (he went off without taking the keys), kaise jayega (how will he go)?
Ojas- speaks the truth- Bus mein jayega (he will go in the bus)

Mamma- Ojas, you have nails, shall I cut them
Ojas- No
Tejas-sotto voice- cut karo Ojas ka nails, Tejas ko khuji karega (cut Ojas' nails, he will scratch Tejas)

Mamma- Shall I read Ed car to you?
Ojas- no red book
Mamma takes the red book as instructed.
Ojas- I want fish book
Mamma- but I am reading the red book naa?
Ojas- exasperated- Humko parhna hai (I have to read it)
Ojas takes the fish book, Tejas grabs the red book.
Mamma- now what will I read (out)?
Ojas- You read Ed car naa?
Mamma- Dude, that's what I originally planned!


Mama - Mia said...


the key conversation reminded of how Cubby now reminds us to take keys by saying ghar ka chaabi! :p

O & T are maha smart!



ilayaraja_rerecordings said...

Seems like tejas is more of the naughty kinds, while Ojas is relatively a simpleton - compared to his sibling.. is it..?