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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Adorns My Desk

2 planters of Epipremnum aureum- commonly known as money plant- the marble variety and the jade green one. And a Delicious Monster in a Steaz Cola bottle
I had once exclaimed in a forum that I am so done with money plants as I have them all over my garden & inside my home and the eloquent greenthumb Madmomma so rightly said I dont mind money plants in certain places where I want lots of foliage. They grow fast and give an illusion of much happening.
So true- they give you an instant gratification!
A client customised the white mug for me and I have prompty adorned it with the marble money plant
The Old Monk Bottle was contributed by my neighbour 2 years ago and believe it or not the only time I poured water into the lovely bottle was when I installed it into my table. It stayed dormant on 4 leaves for more than a year and just developed a delicate looking threadlike root that coils beautifully inside the bottle.
New leaves have sprouted only mid of last year to my surprise. I do not want to water it for fear of disturbing the eco-system in the bottle- what say? The water level has come down to half!
Now what do I adorn a tall Olive oil bottle and a beer bottle with? Any ideas?


Monika,Ansh said...

I too have money plants in bottles all over my house.-in wine bottles, medicine bottles & even jam jars & I love them .
I am yet to bring them into my work space.
I tried with braches & other leaves in bottles but it did not work. But it was still better than flowers which do not stay beyond a day.
Love your work space.

Indian Homemaker said...

I also grow money plants in bottles, but I had no idea you can't add extra water... are you sure it disturbs the eco system ...??

Lovely plants photographs!!