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Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter Vacation

eating potato chips early morning in the train

Languishing in Patna at the start of winter.

Lazy mornings, gossip sessions and the only thing I need to worry is kids management.

Feeling like an SAHM minus the trappings of home management, and other jobs including husband management that take up an SAHM's time.

That's why, I realize ladies love coming back to their parent's place.

I plan to make the most of this stay.

Spend as much time with the kids - make up for what my job does not allow.

The story so far...

The flight to Kolkatta was uneventful except that Ojas was mighty scared during take off and landing. They discovered life size air-planes and loved it judging by the look on their faces.

s quick trip to the bathroom and we were off to the pre paid taxi. The rules say 4 adults & 25 kg allowed per taxi. We could not undertsand why the cabbie made such a big deal of 3 adults, 2 kids, 3 suitcases, 2 air bags. One adult himself is atleast 70 kg so why he was creating such a fuss about overloading, we could not fathom. Well,a big fight and a change of cabs later we had a nail biting journey of an hour. Reached right on time together with a leaking overfull diaper- result of no big job done at home!

We did it all- potty, eating, messing mausi's jeans with susu when the diaper was off, changing into comfortable pajamas, messing the entire compartment with aaloo bhujiya/ chips/ cheeselings, sleeping.

Inspite of that everyone said the kids are not naughty.

There was a general discussion among passengers-

both are same except one has a hair cut. ..

Are they identical or fraternal?

The girl isalso wearing shirt .....

Both are dressed alike except for the colour of the shirt...

They have discovered Buffaloes and Ojas is very scared of them. Stays hidden inside the house when any crosses the road.

They loved the huge grapefruits hanging from the tree in the house

Points of interests-

"Kai pichish"- colour pencils/ crayons (which they hide between the mosquito net and mattress while sleeping)

Bookch, newspapers

Our old toys- they love play-acting on the plastic tea set.

All the soft toys- penguin, rabbit, teddy esp


Orchid said...

so I gather, you are visiting your folks?? Nice and I am J!
"the girl is also wearing shirt"..:) who gets that..ojas or tejas??

AA_Mom said...

That's funny. To me they seem quite different thru the pictures that I have seen.

Have fun and enjoy the kids. I didn't know that Grapefruits grew in India as well.

Kodi's Mom said...

I had to LOL at "The girl isalso wearing shirt ....." did you correct them?

enjoy the vacation!