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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Factual Fiction- Ragging

The ragging would continue for a month.
She left hostel for college with her long hair plaited into two braids, attired in salwar suit and neatly pinned up dupatta, her new pair of hawai chappals adorning her feet.
She walked for 15 minutes, stopped at a corner, furtively looked around and removed her high heeled sandals from her bag. Quickly she removed the chappals and stuffed them into her bag. She would reverse the process on her way back to the hostel.
2 braids were ok. Salwar suits for a month was ok. But bathroom slippers to college, and that too without the comfort of doing it in a group of newcomers, being the only girl in a class of 140?


Preethi said...

Haha..I really like this series.. and I can so relate to this one.. but really only girl in a class of 140?? wow!!

SUR NOTES said...

this is a series? shall look for the earlier ones. this one reads like a pithy, perfect short story.

Hip Grandma said...

this one was good.took me back to my college days when during ragging we had to wear saris without pinning them up and pallu tucked looking like maid servants.

Shobana said...

This one was sweet. Who was that brave soul who was the only girl in a class of 140?

Sukla M C said...

Remembering my days . . .
Showing d finger to a senior
(Me in PUC n Senior a B.Sc Guy , ,)

A fresher had been pulled up for a QA session . . .
Senior: Why did u join this college
Fresher: My Uncle Works here
S: Hmmm, who's ur Uncle
F: Ur HOD (knowing well that we r EC GUYS)
S: U may go, (Damn!! Shit!!)

She is our Hod's neice/something like that, Arauvamudhan sir is a real SweetHeart (told him that 50+ of us r going to GOA, he just gave one big smile and requested me to attend a seminar before leaving, A HOD who many a times treats me with coffee in the canteen)

Itchingtowrite said...

shobana- that was yours truly!
sur notes- check the label- factual fiction. u will find all the short stories under that

Fuzzylogic said...

The only girl in a class of 140??LOL:)Talk about being the centre of attention eh? This FF brought back so many memories:)