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Monday, December 17, 2007

Back Home- My 251st post

Back home after my much deserved vacation.
I could have shopped more,
...if only I had the space to carry them all. Blame it on Air Deccan's luggage limits.
...if only the kids would have agreed to stay at home and give me a few precious hours to shop hop.
...if only I had more sickness free days...Blame it on the Patna water that definitely causes stomach problems.
Anyway, to sum it all up...

A break helps in more ways than one can think of.

Other things that help to revive, pep you up when you are feeling low or bored...

  1. Shopping- tops my list, even window shopping helps.
  2. A lunch / afternoon date with a friend / group of friends- especially if you bunk office for that. Fodder for the stomach and the gossippy tongue
  3. A vacation
  4. Blogging and blog hopping/ net surfing
  5. Parlour visit
  6. Giving multiple dress material to the tailor for stitching, fixing up the patterns for each and then getting them back
  7. A solo time at the coffee shop
  8. Cathing up on the phone with mom or friends or relatives
  9. Late night gossip sessions
  10. A random book especially some fiction with a pack of snacks
  11. Spring cleaning your cupboard, finding long lost clothes and recycling them or discarding the non-useable ones


Timepass said...

Hope you and the kids had a nice vacation. Now, I am also looking forward to a vacation!

Fuzzylogic said...

Just hearing the word vacation is setting pangs for one in me. Sickness during vacations are no fun. But glad you still could do all the shopping in spite of it.
I love the list. Shopping tops my list too!

Lavs said...

Welcome back...and congrats on 250 successful posts!!!!

Noodlehead said...

congrats on 250 posts! bummer, you were sick on your vacation.

great list. pretty much the same things i have on my list, except i'd add sleeping too :D

Itchingtowrite said...

hi! thanks all! u guys keep me going..