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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Goofy Me

1.This is my wife- she has a memory problem so don't mind if she does not remember you- says my hubby whenever he introduces me.
And the proof of the pudding-

a) When in college I was walking up to the telephone booth late in the night. I found a man in shorts sneezing into his large hanky and also "how dare he" smiling at me. Somehow I could not remember knowing anyone fitting that description.
I decided not to crow down in fear and asked him boldly- why are you smiling at me.
The guy seemed taken aback and said ok no probs. If you don't remember me, it is not worth reminding you- something to that effect.
I was unable to make the call as the booth was closed.
The next morning again I was walking to the booth and found the same man standing there talking to someone. To my horror, he was the registrar of the Univ and a very close friend of my hubby (then my classmate). To this day he has not forgiven me for that!

b) I went to our Singapore office and met everyone. We then went out for lunch with 2 men and a S'porean lady. Throughout the meal I could not recollect who she was. When we got back and she went to her room I realised who she was. Similarly, I went to meet a lady and asked her -where were you since morning. She answered, I crossed you in the corridor and we spoke just an hour back.

c) I keep getting confused between the IS support executive and confectionery application person in my new office since they look similar. One day I went to the confectionery lab and for atleast 5 minutes stood near the IS support guy who happened to be working on the confectionery guy's computer. I even asked him where the samples were before noticing the confectionery person standing near the kitchenette.

d) Someone came to invite us for his wedding. I racked my brains hard to recall who we was. Somehow he realised that I was totally at a loss. He reminded me, you came for my brothers wedding a few months ago, now I have come to invite you for my wedding.

e) A couple came to see the kids after they were born. I had no clue who they were. After about half and hour I casually asked in which apartment no. they stayed. They mentioned their appartment no and also gave a sketchy intro which helped jog my memory. I said promptly off course I know you work with Ramya's brother's

2. Hubby & me went to a store. Hubby was wearing a black T shirt. When I last looked, he was standing near the T-shirt counter. After a few minutes, I walked in that direction and strongly patted him on the back saying, check this shirt. Horrors, the person turned and he was not hubby. Someone else in a black T-shirt.

3. Me in a shop. Wanted to know the price of an item. I just turned towards the store person looking at my direction and asked for the price. He turned out to be another shopper. To this day I do not ask anything until I have seen the store guy wearing his ID or the uniform.

4. A person met me in a book store and asked me - how are you? I could not recognize him for quite a while even though I was meeting him every morning in the swimming pool. Hint hint, I had never seen him with proper clothes, how do you expect me to recognize him.

Do you have any goofy stories to share?

Cheers to me. Finally managed my 100th Post


apu said...

I didnt know you were this bad...

Remember me ?

@ said...

congrats on post #100!!!

and you are goofy - :) I thought I was absent-minded, but you win ;)

Lavs said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. I like your style of writing and read all the archived entries too. There is no doubt that you are one super mom. I am happy to have met[read about] so many wonder moms on internet who all seem to have a big party out blogging.Keep up the good work!

The Kid said...

My name is Pratap. My blogger id is "the kid". I am also linked from your blog.

Just in case you forgot :)

nz said...

hey Itchy, congrats for your 100th post :-)

I am not as bad as you * wink* *wink* but I do have a problem remebering faces even if I have seen a person a second ago or a decade ago ! My sisters used to tease me after I got engaged that hopfully I will remember their would-be jiju's face ( since it was a arranged marriage ) and wave or say 'hi' if I come across him somewhere outside !! My mum's worst nightmare at that time was that he will meet me outside and I will ask him 'do I know you?' !!!

And once a dear friend who was my classmate for 3years at school, came to my place after a gap of a year after we have passed school and moved to a different city - I opened the door, saw him, went back inside and asked my sister to go and check if its the same person I thought he was, and when she confirmed, then, I called him in !!!!

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

I thought, I was very absent minded but you beat me.
I also have so many episodes in recollecting people but not as bad as talking to one in the corridor and asking after an hour - where she was ;)
I think its some wrong connection in my brain which associates faces, because I have no problem in remembering telephone numbers, birthdays etc..

Also, I have another bizarre problem, even if I have gone to a place hundred times, if I went in auto or with my hubby driving, I can't recollect where it is and how to get there but once I drive to the place myself, I can remember it for my lifetime.

Hip Grandma said...

You've shared your experience but I still stand tall as far as goof ups are concerned.My cousin's husband came over to Jamshedpur and our house unannounced.I had met him a week back at my brother's wedding.He was horrified at the blank look in my face and the indifferent 'Yes what do you want?' and that too in Hindi.Luckily my husband rushed to my rescue and saved the situation.i mumbled something like the corridor being unlit or dimly lit.But the hurt look in his face said it all.I did not expect him there and therefore did not recognize him Simple.This is only one such example.

Noodlehead said...

gee! you sound like you're pretty far gone :) i'm the exact opposite - can remember everyone i see, even if it happens to be just once. i usually help out N and my parents who seem to be afflicted with the same malady as you!

IdeaSmith said...

LOL, greetings fellow amnesiac...not that we'd remember that sort of an introduction.

Once a girl waved to me in college and I smiled back confused. Then she said "You dont' remember me, do you?" I shook my head reluctantly but I wanted to sink through the ground when she yelled, "Kya yaar, that's the fourth time you've done that!!!!"

Orchid said...

I am pretty messed up too but your list seems to be longer than mine :)
Congrats on 100 posts..I think I read most of them :)

Usha said...

Oh god this is terribly embarassing, how do you still manage to have friends!
I can remember everything about the person except their name - so when i see them I manage the conversation without using the name and later check with someone.
But the problem is when people talk about someone who is not there - while they are talking about A, I have B's face to the whole scenario.
Felicitations on the 100th and here's to more landmarks soon to come.

How do we know said...

wow!! These are some bloopers!!! I have lots of such stories too, but of course,one has to remember them, which I am quite incapable of doing. :-)

Ruchika said...

I'm terrible at remembering names and I can never correlate a face i've seen with the name! Many times I've had full conversations with people w/o knowing how to address them! Its been embarrassing to say the least, and made me quite unpopular sometimes!!

Rohini said...

I do things like this ALL the time. And I know I have this stupid memory about names and faces so I try to hide it. So it's quite common for me to have elaborate conversation with familiar-looking people and not being able to recall who they are and how I know them.

People said...

Dont worry, you are not the only one goofy!! I do it all the time...I have partial memory, some people I NEVER forget even if I havent exchanged a word with them, but some people simply disappear.
I was like that even as a kid, I embarassed my mom so much once.
My uncle and his borther are both related to us, one bro is married to my mom's sis and other one to my dad's. So once when the mausaji came to our house I told my mom Phuphaji has come and mom never used to talk much to the phuphaji, being the in-law and sooo elder...she called dad and did not even go in the room. It was only after my dad came did they found out. Apparently mausaji understood what I had done and he was generally enjoying all the 'Kahtirdari' :D I have forgotten sooo many of my childhood friends and I usually get very embarassed when peopel ping me on orkut, asking if I remember them :(

Sush said...

gee.. and i thought i was the only one :) but you win hands down.. and congrats on the bbbiiiggg #100.

Ardra said...

I love your sense of humour! Have been a regular reader of u'r posts...and enjoyed these last 2 posts immensely.
I've been laughing in glee helplessly as I read how you raised your index finger with great difficulty and demanded atleast one girl and the anasthesia technician walked out to get a baby girl for you from the market.

One does strange things when recovering from anasthesia- I 've embarassed myself a bit by whispering nonsense to an attending gynaec- I shudder with mortification at the memory!

itchingtowrite said...

apu- hey! how can u say that. may b if u change ur hair style etc i may fail to reco u
@- thanks for both the compliments
lavs- thanks for visiting
kid- hey not me, u forget to come here
nz, kousalya, hi g mom, usha. orchid, ruchika, rohini, ideasmith- thanks for contrbuting. u make me feel better
noodlehead- u cud serve as a guide to all of us
ruchika, lavs, people- thanks for dropping by
ardra- thanks
sush, how do we know;)

artnavy said...

Congrats on your 100

Good job!!

Minal said...

he he. and congrats. keep writing

Smi said...

Congratulations on this milestone!:)
During one of our family outings,a cousin showed me this real flashy ring on his finger. I promptly said it's too gaudy and doesn't suit him one bit! What I didn't realise was that it was a V-Day gift from his wife, who was sitting right beside him when I blurted out my opinion rather bluntly! Sheeesh!:-\

karmickids said...

I have the opposite tragedy, I remember people years after I might have met them for a couple of minutes, only to have them confess they dont remember who I am at all...Hmmmphh, so much for my delusions of beauty.

mommyof2 said...

OMG its funny but you should take something for your memory;-)

And congrats on ur 100th post;-)

Gayatri said...

This was really phunny :-)

great blog you've got here!
wud be a pleasure to read more


Alan said...

Hey Itchy, Very funny post. Somehow I missed it on previous strolls through blog world and just happened to see it now. Congrats on the 100th.