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Friday, March 30, 2007


This is a joke that used to run the rounds in my younger days.

7 sardarjis wish to meet Gyani Zail Singh to congratulate him when he became President. They want to buy a car and drive to New Delhi from Punjab. You know, want to look prestigious and not poor farmers or truck drivers from Punjab etc.

The car salesman quotes Rs 28000 for the car. The sardarjis requested the guy to divide the cost of the car into 7 so that each could pay their equal share. The salesperson quotes Rs 13000 per head.
The sardarjis were not convinced but still they paid up as they were in a rush to move on.
After traveling for some distance they met a sardarji friend of theirs. They filled him on the background and asked him to re validate the price division.

Sardarji friend calculates.
- - -
- - -
Calculation done is 7*3= 21 add to it 7*1=7 which gives 28
And assures them that the calculation is correct.

After a few more miles of travel, they meet another sardarji friend. This guy is also called upon to assure the.
He decides to divide.

- - -
- - -
- - -
Calculation done is 7*1 is 7. Subtract 7 from 28 you get 21. Divide 21 by 7 to get 3. Therefore 13 is the correct answer.

Finally they reach Gyani Zail Singh’s residence.
They decided to seek assurance from him too
Zail Singh decides to add up- simplest of all calculations
- - -
calculation done is 3+ 3+3+3+3+3+3+1+1+1+1+1+1+1= 28


Ruchika said...

Best sardar joke i've ever heard goes like this:

"Two sardars were playing chess"


cardamom said...

hehe!! gyaani zail singh ki jai ho!!

Tharini said...


Aditi said...

hey its really, sardars have always been an essential part of joke.

Thisisme said...

:)):)) too gud!
have been reading ur blog for quite sometime now..its really fun :)

nz said...

hehehe...good one :-)

Minal said...

Just dropped by to check if anything new.

Life Lover said...

really good sardar joke! :) i am a fan of these pj's actually :P

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL,this was a good one!Sardar jokes are always a big hit at any Indian party,I will jot this down for future reference:)

B o o said...

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Anonymous said...

i remember this joke from long ago too. but had forgotten the details. thanks for reminding me!

- s.b.

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