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Friday, August 09, 2013

Story for My Birthday

So Ojas wrote this story along with friend R.

 Tejas jealously criticized after they read it out to proud parents...

So many then then then. Not good.

If it gets published, no one will read it.
Even the book seller will throw it away.

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How do we know said...

oh! but i like how the story looks. the jealousy? inshe allah, they will get over it.

ITW said...


Prarich said...


Sue said...

Well done, Aryamman. Clearly the storytelling genes have been carried on, Itchy. LOL at Eshaan's prediction of the book seller throwing the story away -- he is smarter than he knows!

Prashan SITHI said...

It reminds me when those two little guys wrote a letter to Santa Claus last Xmas :
"We Aryamman & Eshan swear to have been good kids so we would like this list of gifts :
For Eshan : pencil, rubber, cisors etc.
for Aryamman : Power Ranger, Golden Power, power to fly etc."

It was so funny !