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Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Gifts

Tejas to me- Mamma, I will go to Odyssey (note the shop of his liking) with Dadda and buy you a gift.
And will go with you to shop and buy something for Dadda. May be a jeans.
He likes watch also very much.

Me- what will you buy for me.
Tejas- I will not tell you. I will tell Dadda

Dadda- Ojas, what gift are you giving to Mamma
Ojas- I already gave. That Story...(with an indignant look)

Hubby and I decided that the Fossil watch he got for me is the birthday gift and the shoes I bought for him a few days ago is my birthday gift for him.
We are cheap that way.

Tejas- Mamma, will you call those people who came for Donut's b'day today.
Me- Sure, why?
Tejas- they make the best gulabjamuns. (He meant the caterer not the guests)


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Really so sweet.....Here's wishing you a fabulous, joy-filled birthday and a great year ahead:)

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