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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On Mommyhood

And Sue's post makes me say that in the end of it all, you realize that the baby was or in my case the babies were safest inside and best kept so. Once they are out, your heart lurches every time you hear a baby cry.

I once "bumped" into a pregnant lady in the mall and she was saying, it is so difficult to keep the baby safe inside the stomach. Once it is out one can protect it better.

And I couldn't stop myself from adding my two bit that the so called "it" is safest inside you.

For as a wise one said, having a baby is like having your heart walk around for your entire life, something to that extent.

It is true. It is not just your heart that is walking around but also playing various tricks inside your self.

Your heart comes into your mouth every time the children coming running into the house screaming Mamma. You wonder where they got hurt or who troubled them or imagine the worst possible situation.

And as Sue says beautifully that it is an intensely physical journey and she couldn't have said it better.

Every month I wondered at the tenacity of my body and the so called elasticity. Every month I would say to myself that I do not think I could manage if the babies got bigger and every month I would surpass my own expectations.

The walk got laboured, the cramps more painful and the getting up from the seat even more difficult. The walk to the bathroom was the most arduous journey especially since I never knew whether I would be able to even get up from the seat or reach the bathroom on time.

The sickness never abated. So there was always this worry that I need to be around a place where it would be easy to reach a place to throw up.

And of course, the wonders of all, my eye sight magically becaming near normal and skin issues vanished and right on the day after the delivery I noticed that the TV was hazy again.

The wonders!

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Sue said...

You brought back the memories of my own pregnancy even more vividly, Itchy. Can't believe our boys are now such big 'uns.