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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rivo Kids

I recently came across this lovely site called which covers fun stuff to do with kids like science experiments, art and craft and also has a section called meethi memories which can help one make an online scrap book.

I loved the experiment - see water walk. ( A simple experiment which will help children understand science concepts.

The website is easy to operate.

Go on, check it out. 

Creating MeethiMemories or ParentPicks : It's as Easy as 1..2..3.. Let us show you how...
Step 0 : Sign up for an Account at RivoKids. It takes only a minute.
For MeethiMemories...
Login to your Account. Set up your kids (name/birthdate/gender)
Create a Meethi Memory. You can send us your MeethiMemories (Text and/or Pics) via website, email or SMS. Watch your beautiful Memory Book take shape.
View your child's Memory Book. You can select a template for your Memory Book from our beautiful professionally designed Template Gallery.
That's it!! Enjoy!. You can Share or Print your MeethiMemory Books. No downloading 
of bulky software or waiting for hours for the photo book editing tool to load.
For ParentPicks...
Once you've signed up, Log Into your account.
If there is a game, activity, or website that you and your child love, Click here to create a ParentPick.
Choose a category for your ParentPick. Type in the name of your ParentPick and why you like it and then Click to Submit

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