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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Passing Thoughts

Many posts have been brewing in my head for days. Thoughts are passing through, but I am just not penning them down here.
Maybe I am just being lazy or taking a break or perhaps these thoughts are so tiny that I am unable to build them into a post. Thoughts that consist of ....

...the most exciting happening for the month - the kids' annual day- and whether I will manage to be present or will be on a flight at that very moment or perhaps shopping till I drop at one of my favourite stores. Well, I had been lamenting for days that the annual day happens bang on the day all of us are travelling, but the world conspired- the annual day got postponed and the kids could participate.

...May be the world is yet to conspire some more and I might still be able to attend the annual day.

...The much awaited for break for a longish period. For me for obvious reasons- I am meeting my gang of relatives. For the husband because it is going to serve as an excuse to him for not taking us for a break for a long long time. What you don't believe me? Look into the archives. See the impressive number of vacations I have taken since last 2 years.

...A game of waiting...that I am playing since last Christmas...err this Christmas. Nokia people, if you are reading it, you know what it means. And maybe a few more people know what it means. But sweet anticipation and all that, it is getting a bit tiring.

....Sue's Thingie posts and what a wonderful idea for blog posts they are - I may do a similar thingie on -the many ways the husband annoys me! Ah now this may be a cue for a certain someone to pass judgement on how I discuss and disrespect the husband on my blog but then what does he know of a marriage to talk anything about mine- take that you loser.

...Of the husband's open offer to write on this site without payment and of how I got instant cold feet and became totally idealess- now if some money was involved then may be I could think about it.

...of facebook and how after a phase of being an addict and after utilizing it to the fullest possible, I am in a phaseout state. May be I will be back and may be I won't but I am certainly not adding to the friend list since last year. I am not even checking the friend requests. So if anyone felt offended, please do not, because I seem to be having less and less to share and most of the sharing happens on the blog anyway. But yes, I have had my fun. I have interacted, shared photos, posted smart status messages, caught up with friends old and new. I have even ranted and cursed people on FB- I have talked of stupid people, bid good riddance to them on FB and even prayed that karma comes to bite them morons in their ample butts. Amen to that.
But mostly I am disillusioned. Disillusioned that relations and friendship are judged based on being part of FB list or number of comments that one passes on a post/ photo. Or that even though a gang interacts on FB, none of them may be so enthu if some of the same gang would like to meet up. So I guess, I take it at "face" value henceforth.

...which also makes me wonder. Why the inertia if an old friend wants to meet up? Even if they just have to drag their sorry arses to a place close to their home, at their convenient time? Is it because after such a long time, we fear we have nothing in common? Or perhaps we never had anything in common and it is best left at that. Seriously, I have had better response through my blog friends. A dear friend coming to India from abroad has been trying so much to get people to respond to her reunion mails, but of no avail.

...Of the impending, looming larger than life, dreaded class I. I hear it is going to be very very tough. I heard some of the Sr Kg students are being held back for extra tuitions so that they come upto the accepted levels before they move to class I or stay back perhaps. I hope the kids can cope. And before that, the burden of the summer vacation. Summer vacations are a zone of conflict at home. The husband will not take a break so why would I take a break. So where do the kids stay- with me or with the husband in Pondicherry for the working week and be back on weekends? For much as the kids get on my nerves at times and the many smacks I have to give at various points of time, I simply cannot think of coming back home to an empty house without them or sleeping at night without them nestled on my arms or waking up to see them in funny sleeping poses. Simply put I need them in front of me. The last year we managed. I took a few breaks and few days they went to Pondicherry but this year, the breaks may not be possible.

And yes, while we are at it, go on take a look at this brilliant teezer thingie. These are tee shirt transfers that blogger friend MayG is designing. And she has made it look oh so easy for even klutz like me. Check them out. If you are in the mood for something different for your tees or your baby's onesies, take a look.
Or may be even iron these head noddable teezers onto a set placemats or coasters for your dinner guests....Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Love you, and your blogs and I am glad, we were cradle friends, neighbors, classmates, and best buddies...even after 35 years!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!! Lot of emotions and connect..

Keep it up!! and may u live upto another 35 years -- the female version of our kushwant Singh.