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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The N8 Arriveth

First of all, Thank you Nokia people, it has been worth the wait.

Last Chirstmas, I got a mail saying we would like to send you something from Nokia and a little something for my family. To be honest I thought it was a spam, it sounded so suspicious, send us your address and all that. In these days of mailbox spamming, we have learnt to look a gift horse in the mouth and count all its teeth and all that.

So when this mail came, I very hesitatingly sent my office address and then did not hear from them for some time. Then a mail came asking did you recieve your gift. So that made me really believe in them and the real waiting game started.

I guess there were hitches at customs, the much awaited gift went back and was duly dispatched this time to my home address- I got more trusting as the email exchanges increased.

And finally yesterday the much awaited parcel arrived all the way from US..... drum rolls, dhan te naan....

This lovely leather case hold the gift. (And Tejas doesn't want to stop holding the case)

This is the lovely pop up picture book, it made me go back to my younger days when I had 2 such picture books that were much treasured.

The story of Tim & Jenny who are having the enviable task of deciding where to go for a vacation. They ask around for suggestions to all and sundry and they finally realize that the best people to ask is each other, your loved ones.
And finally the last page that invites the reader to pull up the flap to reveal the Nokia N8 smart phone in the window. I almost made a mad scramble to prise the phone out of its window then just in time discovered the tiny blue ribbon that easily pulls out the case like a drawer.

And there it is, Nokia N8, with full gear.

That's the very very high pixel camera....ooooh

The key message in the story, or rather the moral of the story is that Ovi's your voice navigation facilitates one to record the directions in one's chosen voice into the N8 smart phone. This and the Ovi maps are lifetime free.

The kids fell in love with the book. And are happy that I gave them the book so generously. I read to them last night and Tejas planted a sudden kiss on my cheeks. Something tells me it is because of the book but he said because I gave him dinner!
pic courtsey - google images
I got the black phone but a little part of me says, why didn't I get the sexy green one or an orange.
So let me try and break into the phone with the sim card and write about the Ovi. Till then, watch this space!


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Congrats - the pics tell us everything - happy for you and the kids too!

Usha said...

oh wow, the phone looks so beautiful and the kids so happy!

Megha Bansal said...

the joys of a gift! very special one too!!! congrats! enjoy both the gifts..maybe the book will deter the munchkins from the phone? high hopes eh?

Anonymous said...

Cant believe it all started with a spamish email!! Good for you!!


Itchingtowrite said...

thanks guys!!!

Gayatri said...

- WOW! That's coool :)
- How come I'm not this lucky?---turns into a slight tint of green and rushes to check her spam mail--- ;b

Unknown said...

I know.. black would not suit you at all..give it to me..!!

Itchingtowrite said...

wingridr- dream on. tum apna ghatiya E 63 jisme sunai nahin deta hai usi ko use karo

Choxbox said...

And how is the n8 treating you? mine gives me serious pain - goes off on hold all the time. grrr.

p.s.: i have an orange one btw :)

Aathira Nair said...

Wow... never ever believed such emails!

Sue said...

Chox -- No complaints about mine. It's slow sometimes but switching off the applications works to speed it up.

Itchy -- Forgot to tell you, I can't access my photos for now so I linked to this page. I loved the book so much I haven't been able to give it to Rahul yet. He wants the book and Vicky the briefcase!