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Monday, January 24, 2011

Of Competitive Spirit and All

The weekend was a total fun-filled one with lots of competitions and races within the building complex. We divided kids into agewise sub categories and spaced out races for all of them.
We started with doing a drawing competition for the under 6 age group-drawing a typical scene within our building and colouring it. Then was banker race- slotting coins into the piggy bank.Laundry race- kids dipping a napkin in a kiddy bucket of water

And clipping them on to a clothes linePoliceman's race- racing to put sun glasses, cap and picking up a gun and running to the finish line

Vet doctor race- tying a bandage to a soft toy animal and running to the finish line

Between the 2 of them, they covered every race with first, second or atleast 3rd- except of course the drawing/ painting!

Apart from that we had various creative races for other age groups- Including setting the table in a relay race fashion- we placed a sample setting and the kids were to copy the same on the other side - the finish line

We had dart board, making your partner wear the shirt and button up, making a queen's costume using newspapers, reverse walking, hopping race, skipping race, banana eating competition, making smaller words from a larger word.

We had badminton matches and throwball match and a cricket match for kids with certain adults playing in their kids' team and generally bossing over any kid who clapped/ cheered unecessarily- so as if on cue, we ladies would start clapping and cheering like rowdies!

So in general all was fun and we have creative games coming up for the 26th also- this time for adults.


Anonymous said...

Wow...what fun. I love your blogs where you guys spend so much time with the kids!In the age of video games this is so refreshing!

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks anon

Gayatri said...

- this is the umpteenth time am telling u this
- I wish I was ur neighbor :)