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Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Lizard's Tale err Tail

Got this book from Karadi tales- The Lizard's Tale- narrated by Vidya Balan- comes with a book and a CD. I loved the story- while I dp find lizards ugggh but the story lizard is cute and bhola bhala. The book is alost like a painting vivid drawings and depictions and the story is paced well- good for kids of 4 plus age.
In time perhaps they will learn to turn the page as the narration goes on. And probably I could substitute y reading of bedtime tales with karadi tales narrations! Incidentally we also enjoy the Karadi tales on TV!
Now coming to the story- this explains the concept of lizards regenerating their tail. This tiny lizard loses its tail and goes from one friend to another trying ot buy a new tail. Will anyone sell him their tail/ Let's find out (ah, well, I already gave the answer!)


Karadi Tales said...

Thanks for this review! :-)

Vibha said...

My daughter just loves this story and the way Vidya Balan has narrated the story, makes it more engaging.