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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Staying Alone Can Be So Liberating

-You can wake up at anytime you wish
-You don't have to prove anything to anybody / set an example to the kids- so leave a book or many lying around wherever you wish, forget to keep your sandals in teh shoe rack, leave medication lying around with no danger of it being moved
-You have the whole house to yourself
-You need not really cook
-You can browse, sleep, read, go out as you wish

The kids have gone to Pondicherry and I am doing all of the above. The moment I came home to an empty house last evening, I was in a nasty temper. Just because the kids were not home. Then a neighbour suggested- enjoy, another friend wished she could send her kids off for a week somewhere ..and slowly the realization dawned that I could make it either bad or ok for me.
So it's sort of ok...I miss the tiny bodies that snuggle upto me every night. I miss their smooth skin and soft hair or their non stop chatter.
I am insanely jealous when they call up to say- we are playing.
And extremely heartened when the called up today to ask why am I not coming.
I thought they wouldn't miss me at all, as before leaving Ojas said - tum khana banao, hum aate hain- on second thoughts, clearly he would have assumed that it was just a matter of a few hours before which he would be back to me and my khana...
I spent the entire evening reading till late into the night and chatting on skype. Not even lit the gas. All leftovers microwaved.
The maid was called early today to finish the work for the day so that there are no fetters for the evening unlike yesterday when I had to rush back for her highness' arrival- which never happened by the way.
Last week I had taken a 3 day break to spend time with the kids. I am realizing as they are growing up, they are getting easier to handle. we get into an easy sort of routine with the kids keeping themselves busy during these lazy summer vacation- playing in the mud, doing activity books, getting dirty and giving themselves a bath. Probably this is what is called independence. Now if only they would learn the 2 most important things in life- to wash their backside and eat their food fully!
So the summer vacation is not turning out to be as bad as I thought it would!


apu said...

nice...enjoy it while it lasts :)

Gayatri said...

- its vacation time and we have the moms writing about missing their lil ones :)
- I will too
- but I guess we jus have to enjoy the 'me' time we get :)
- noticed while the moms are liberated ONLY when they r alone the M of the house is ALWAYS a liberated soul... they manage to do all of the above in a full house...grrrrrr

Sue said...

Aww, they'll be back soon.

Itchingtowrite said...

@ APU- yes planning my days that way...
gayatri- LOL
sue- tomorrow night!!!

dipali said...

Home alone is wonderful when it's for a short time! I truly miss that freedom:)