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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dizzy Heights-3, Addendas

Height of Association- Ojas says “Thaa” for Kutta (dog). I tied up my hair high on my head with a clip and he pointed at it and said thaa thaa

Height of Starting Early- They don’t know how to walk properly but love to sit on their tricycle (gift from grandma)

Height of (Dis)advantage- Ojas crawling away in top speed with a toy and Tejas following him-haltingly walking

Height of Dodge- Tejas playing with the cordless phone and when he saw Ojas coming to snatch it, he pushes the mobile cover towards Ojas for him to play with it.

Height of Dodge 2- Both playing with cordless phone. Tejas happens to get the one that does not work; he throws it away and snatches the one that Ojas is having. Ojas refuses to give so Tejas surreptitiously pushes the phone that is not working towards Ojas and confuses him and snatched the good piece

Height of Socializing- Both sitting and drinking from their bottles and towards the end both drink bottoms up.
Addenda to Only in Bihar
1. Chain pronounced like Man means Zip (pronounced as Jip)
2. When they say switch on the Mercury (pronounced- Mer-Ka-ree) they mean switch on the tubelight- wonder how I could forget that – I almost laughed out loud when I thought of it.
3. Glass (tumbler) is pronounced as Gilass
4. Labour means Labourer
5. Tempo means Autorickshaw
6. Ration- pronounced as Raashan means monthly grocery- what's the alternate hindi word for monthly grocery- any one?
7. Kerosene is also called Matti tel literally meaning mud-oil or of course Kiraasan
8. Cycle is pronounced as Cykil
9. Yellow is pronounced Yall-low
10. Funy is pronounced as Fun-nee

Only in Chennai
1. When someone says nice Salwar or nice Churidaar- they mean the Kurta or salwar suit- For very long I use to wonder why people never complimented my kurta but only the salwar
2. If a man and woman are sitting in a bus together it follows that they are husband and wife
3. When they say- you don’t have brine they mean you don’t have brain
4. Everything here is a cover- Envelope, Plastic Bag and the covers..
5. Most flowers are some "malli"
6. You don't put lipstick or nailpolish but wear them
7. I used to laugh when I heard soft drink is called cool drink - in North they are called cold drink

Only in Bengal
1. They don't travel in train without a mug
2. Rubber band is Gudder or gaarder(derived Garter? or Girder?)- anyone please enlighten us
3. In winter,they tie a scarf on their head even while going to the bathroom
4. You is pronounced as iu and We is pronounced as ui
5. And the best part- they serve a good variety of non veg dishes in weddings but if they happen to have a sit and get served system, they will start with lemon, salt, papad and proceed to vegetarian food, rice etc and towards the end only they will serve poori and non-veg in huge quantities- so adjust your eating speed and quantity accordingly
6. Ambassador is pronounced as Am-ba-sadoor (am & ba is slowly and sadoor is very fast)
7. Embroidery is pronounced as ambraidory


Cloudy Musings said...

Cool...LOL @ height of association & dodge & dodge 2!! :-)

Garam Bheja Fry said...

LoL..Only in bihar

1.the bacchaas will say "bat-ball khelna hai" instead of lets play cricket.
2.the ice-water game (vish-amrit) we bacchass played was like bees-amreet in bihar..
3. we go to "halls" to see movies in bihar.
4.sharpener is called "cutter" and the eraser is rubber or rubbbad..
Only in chennai...

1.all gundaas are referred to as "rowdies"..
2. amitabh bacchan is amithab bacchan..
3. Z is eeezade.
4 thankyou is thangew
5. tiffin is the lunch..i wonder i used that word way back in my nursery days..
6. Meals means unlimited rice,saambhar,rasam etc

phewhhh!!! kinda mini post in a comment...

btw nice list as always...keep nitpicking..hehe..

Anonymous said...

hey I did the tag :)

Usha said...

I love reading about what these two bundles of joy are upto. How do you find the time to do anything else and how can you have the heart to take your eyes off all the cute things they seem to be upto all the time?

Something to Say said...

awesome!! really good one!!

Anonymous said...

heheheh... cud totally relate to the bihar and chennai stuff.. :)..
maybe i shud do one for rajasthan.. u will be in splits when u talk to any local guy in a dhaba wrapped in blankets, with a huge colorful turban, squatting on a chair with a hookah.. :)

my life.... said...

wow! i didn t know all these...ya i have heard of the cool drink stuff in tamil movies... certainly an eye opener man...

The Kid said...


the usage of "wear lipstick" "wear nailpolish" is just as common as "put nailpolish". I just checked this in google.

Has to be me said...

Hey that was too gud! Had me in splits! BTW, do u remember in which month's post u'd the lovely shopping write up on chennai? I wanna do some good shopping & im sure that wld be a good guide fr me! :)

How do we know said...

like all your posts.. loved this one.. esp the bottoms up one, and the one where one kid is smart enuf to dodge the good working phone from the other.. ;-) Too cute!

Sree said...

nice observations :-)

Anonymous said...

some of that was really funny!

Kalpana said...

wonderfully said again.

Noodlehead said...


Anonymous said...

looks like your two li'l ones are trying to outsmart each other :) very cute!

ps: (read in tamilized english)
I also say salwar only...wrong-aa?

Anonymous said...

awww, babies at this age are so cute !! Loved the height of Dodge2.


Anonymous said...

cute :)
But hey i thought wear lipstick is correct?!
My 2 cents to certain tamil 'terms'
in certain parts of tamil nadu;
1. Pleasure means car :)
2. Colour means cool/cold drink

Anonymous said...

O yes, I cannot agree more to this...since I myself am from UP, neighbour of Bihar, we too ted to say these things at times, not all, but things like 'cutter', 'mitti ka tel'......
And coming to Chennai..I guess it is aaplicable not only for Chennai but for the whole of in Bangalore too people call salwaar to Kurta Churidar...
Also, books is used generously for note books, text books, regiters....hehehe

Anonymous said...

only in Chennai : Going out means going to either spencer plaza or the beach

Has to be me said...

Hey that was @ Hi-style in Annanagar.

Artnavy said...

nail polish- in fact you do not put either- you apply both- if at all it shld be "put on "

heights continue to were the nights out?

Anonymous said...

y no new itches to scratch ?

The Kid said...

There is some contention about the correct way to express the "application of lipstick" (on lips I suppose) in English! Though I cannot really say if any usage is right or wrong, I can find the popular one. A search in for the key "wear lipstick" (with the quotes) gives me the number of documents that match that word combination. And the results are

"put lipstick" 89000
"wear lipstick" 85900
"put on lipstick" 26500

Though this does not mean that the usage of "put on" is wrong, it only means that, this usage (which also means "to wear") is much less popular that the other two. With respect to the first two usages, since both are almost equally popular, it could only mean two things: either both are correct, or Tamil people have taken over the internet and polluting it with their weird English.

And with these lines, I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Each of the heights were cute....

Kalpana said...

what's up? where r u?

Sree said...

heeeeeey... where are you... new job???

Minal said...

.....being in advertising one is supposed to be well versed with these regional nuances but what passes off as huge insight in consumer psyche, in most of the corporate presentations is also hilarious.

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Sukhaloka said...

Looks like your twins have been quite the entertainers for a really, really long while! :D
Great to read about them.

Bhargavi said...

most flowers are not called "malli" in Chennai .The jest in the post is all great but Malli refers to jasmine and not "MOST FLOWERS"

The Reading Corner said...

bedazzled- ok get your point- now beat this- pavada-malli

that's not a jasmine

The Reading Corner said...

ah well, what i don't like is that each flower is different in looks, smell, etc but everything is so commonised - by calling it malli...just like they do it in english.... no offence meant though