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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Your Turn Now

The fact is that we all have a well of kindness inside of us.We just have to remember to use it. And when we do it, triggers a chain of happiness that transforms everyone it touches.

And how do we always remember to do it? This is where we use the Your Turn Now blue card which passes on from person to person as they unleash a chain of good deeds like a game of tag.

A sort of pay it forward whereby you do not pay back the person who did a good turn to you but you repay him only by doing a good deed to someone else. And thus do not be surprised that one day the good turn comes back to you and you are in possession of the blue card yet again. And thus this goes on and on.

The book not only talks of acts of kindness. That may save lives like that of an epileptic person who was struggling on a platform, but it also stresses upon the importance of everyday good deeds, like offering your seat to an elderly passenger or offering a glass of buttermilk to an exhausted postman.

The YTM international movement was started in 2009 by Rushabh Turakhia. The movement spreads smiles and cheers across the globe. On three years it has touched 90000 people each of them doing generous acts beyond their imagination. The movement has touched corporates via CSR initiative that helps in building a happy and unified team.
YTN has also been introduced in many schools.

A lovely concept that every child must be initiated into. Children love to emulate what they have read. And it is important that we drive home this point into them by re reading this book to them.

The book believes in walking the talk and comes with a supply of cards attached to the back of the book so that the reader can start their own YTN initiative and thus touching upon more lives than they can imagine.

You can be a part of YTN by sending an SMS to +919029602897

You can be featured in the next book by writing your YTN story to

There is a very creative YTN calendar that gives ideas to the children to do little acts of kindness to people that touch our lives and also worksheets with YTN exercise.

Like saying hello to the lift man or giving a bottle of cold water to the traffic policeman, helping the aunty carry shopping bags to her house, buy a cake for the maid's son and give away books and pencils to the children of your iron wallah.

Can you think of some acts of kindness that you can do in your day to day life?
Can you write them down in the spaces earmarked in the book?

Title- Your Turn Now
Author- Lubaina Bandukwala
Concept- Rushabh Turakhia
Illustrated by - Shraddha Pimputkar
Price- Rs 199
Publisher- Funokplease
Age-8 +

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