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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Number March

Number March is a delightful book that takes a sing song approach to learning numbers and their related significance in different objects.

From the number of prongs in a fork to the number of sides to a coin to number of hands in a clock to the number of legs in an animal.

Each number is represented by a panorama of illustrations that are half hidden. The child is expected to decipher what the illustration may be, perhaps the five vowels or the six balls on an over or eight planets in the solar system. Forgotten games and concepts floated in front of my eyes as I noted the eight squares of a hopscotch or eleven muscles of our body, I learnt something fascinating, that a pitta bird has nine colours!

The book ends saying
our refrain ends at 12
But that does not apply to you

And it encourages the reader to observe and keep learning the various number facts.

Number March operates at many levels.

One is the simple number series that it allows the child to anticipate as each page turns.
Second is the skills of detection and extrapolation where the child is expected. To guess what each illustration may be depending upon the number they are representing. Third is to do with memorising a catchy rhyme and last but not the least is to think and talk about many more objects that represent that number. A methodology that can be done with children that are older than three.

Title- Number March
Author- Nalini Sorensen
Illustrated by - Shraddha Pimputkar
Price- Rs 199
Publisher- Funokplease
Age - 3 +

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