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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Sisterhood and A Book Give Away of Once Upon A Crush

It is 4 am and you notice your friend is online. You don't think twice and message her, "why up so early?" conveniently forgetting that you are also up and about so early.
She replies and you two get talking first through messages and then you or she can't resist  calling up the other and gossiping merrily until morning arrives. You start off from where you had left perhaps a day ago or a few years ago, it does not matter. But the very fact that she is there online at the same time as you are is enough to get the two if you started. May be you talk everyday, may be you don't but you are in sync with what is happening in each other's life, through mails, through social media or the occasional phone call or message.

You suddenly come across something funny which you can share with only one person. And that is your best female friend. The two of you message each other or talk and giggle about it to glory. The conversation veers to common topics and in no time the short call morphs into a good old heart to heart chat.

You are bored and the only way to pep you up is a coffee or lunch meeting with your friend.

Not even a day passes without the two of you meeting and getting a rundown of each other's day.

She is your bitch buddy, coffee buddy, lunch buddy, shopping buddy, salon buddy, book buddy, exercise buddy. She could be one, she could be one for each activity.

She could be your classmate, college friend or office colleague or neighbour. She is the one with whom you vent your problems. She knows you well, she is your sounding board and she is your agony aunt and vice versa. You talk about your pet peeves, your crushes and your problems  together. You talk, you argue and most importantly, you connect.

In short, life without a best friend would be incomplete. Sisterhood so to speak. What would one do without them?

Do you have a best female friend with whom you do some or all of the above ? Give us your funniest or most touching or most dramatic experience with sorority.  Kiran Manral, whose next book Once Upon a Crush is out on the stands this April will be choosing that one person who impresses her most with her sisterhood story and send her an author signed copy of the book. India address only.

And here we have a hello from Kiran Manral 

My protagonist Rayna De, is a confused soul, who gets by, as I do, with a little help from her friends. College friends, work friends, school friends. 
This book is a tribute to the sisterhoods, the friendships, both online and offline, that sustain us, keep us going, prop us up, take us through dark days, share our good days. Sisterhoods that begin as giggling backbenchers in class, that survive crushes on the same hunk through college, that see each other through the diaper change phase, the seven year itch, the empty nest syndrome. In the blogworld, I would like to doff a hat to my sorority of blogging mom friends, friends who have gone beyond the virtual and become closer than friends in the real world.

You could pre order the much awaited book here

So get started, tell us your goofy/ fun/ touching moments of sisterhood!


Kiran Manral said...

Thank you Itchy, looking forward to reading the comments on this one.

Neelam Lakhani said...

My best friend my soul sister is everything you mentioned she's My bitch buddy my excerise partner we vent out problems go shopping hell we've been together since school and I could write a book on all the things we've been upto from drinking together for the first time and going clubbing worn dresses and complimented each other like we are the miss world's and universe ...but coming back to this one funny serious incident we had was when we were in the 7th standard and we're working on a project together at her place and she had kept a litre of milk to boil on slow flame. We realised we had to go to the local library to get some notes and off we went shutting the door and locking ad no one was home. .We got back half an hour later and the minute we entered her building we got a funny smell and we couldn't realise what it was. The minute we entered her home the whole house was covered in smoke and smelling and we realises we had forgotten to switch off the gas. Thankfully the milk had evaporated but the flame was still on so the house didn't catch fire we quickly put it off and when we looked around the entire kitchen was covered in black soot so we both started cleaning and scrubbing and the saucepan was another story much as we tried it out don't clean we Clent and clear for a while till her mom came home and we were caught ..what a lashing we got not to mention the aches and pains from all the scrubbing and cleaning thankfully besides the completely burnt saucepan there was no serious damage ....till date both of us are extra care full when cooking and hate cleaning. ....

Blogwati Gee said...

With hugs and kisses she bid her baby farewell, all the same explaining to me that her ‘Hayley- girl’ had never travelled alone before. ‘Don’t worry lady, I’ve been around the world in 80 days’, I almost heard myself saying, but only managed to nod my head in agreement. Well, the queen mother had left and her princess was all by herself. I decided to ignore her, when she asked the inevitable question, “So how much did you get at the S.S.C results?” I turned to find out a girl sheepishly answering with a 59%. The princess smiled as she went on to ask the rest of her subjects as to how they had fared in their conquests. Finally she comes to me and with an opinion that could only mean that she did not think much of this ‘outrageous blabbermouth’, she asked mockingly, and “So what’s yours?” I replied, “Why don’t you tell us your scores first?” She triumphantly announced 81% much to the awe of all the girls around. I offered my congratulations and in the same breath mentioned that incidentally I too had scored precisely the same. Our eyes met for the first time, when both of us made mental notes that it was going to be a war between the cloistered nun v/s the OTT chatterbox when it came to scoring grades at least, if not more.

My faith in God above was attested that day for she was not in the same division, however it was short lived. She was at the bus stop even before I could get there. On the bus ride, she barely spoke. On reaching home when she asked for my number, I reluctantly parted with it. Thus my first day in college was forever etched in my memory as ‘not happening dude’. Next morning she promptly called and asked to be picked at 11.00 am. Unwittingly I had stepped into the shoes of the ‘chaperone’. While in college, it was difficult to get her out of class even in the break, let alone bunk a lecture. Her books were always complete and her behavior immaculate. She thought jeans and skirts were horrible clothing and boys were just taboo. Bottom line, she was not looking good on my score card as the social butterfly. I had to do something…. and I had to do it fast!

It’s been close to two decades since that fateful day, Hayley Annabelle has been my soul sister. It is amazing how we lived within 2 blocks of each other but never met all those years. When that simple ‘pick and drop routine’ changed into a friendship so rock solid is beyond both of us. Being older than her by precisely 15 days, I was every inch the protective Capricorn. I’ve fought with strangers, almost beat up boys and chased bullies, if they so much so harassed my ‘Hayley-girl’. She in return has been my cornerstone, the witness to my madness and perhaps the only one who believed in me, when I myself had some serious doubts about it.

Hayley currently lives in the US with her husband, and two kids. And yup we are thick as thieves. Thank God for Social Media!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I really enjoyed the way you have captured the essence of sisterhood and friendship just took me back to cruise through a lot of beautiful memories here....

Sri said...

When i think of the words-Best Friend and Soul Sister, the first word that comes to my mind is Nidhi.

We first met when she joined my school in the VII standard and its been almost 18 years and we are still very close to each other!

I still don’t know what made us become best friends. She is a Gujarati while i am a Tamilian. Maybe the only reason we became so close was studies! We were both the studious, geeky ones who would always be seen with a book in hand! The best part about our friendship was that we never competed with each other and would always be happy for the other’s success. I sincerely feel the moment you are genuinely happy for the other person with not a twinge of jealousy, that is the hallmark of true friendship!

I remember a funny incident that happened in the IX standard. Nidhi and me used to sit together in every class and once a new class teacher asked me to sit a few rows behind as I was tall. I still remember crying and making a big fuss about it during class. I was always the quiet, well mannered student never known for any kind of disobedience let alone crying and arguing with the class teacher!! The teacher was surprised why i was so adamant about sitting with Nidhi!

After our Xth, we chose different streams-me Commerce and she Engineering. Though we studied in different colleges, we would make it a point to meet up or atleast catch up on phone. We knew about each others family, problems, first crushes, relationships etc. Whenever either of us was down, we would meet the other, go out for a drive and just have some ice-cream, cake or pizza to cheer ourselves up!

Nidhi got engaged first and my wedding was fixed suddenly and i ended up getting married before her. We both got married in the same year with a gap of about 3 months. We attended each other’s weddings and were so happy and excited to do so. After marriage, she moved to the US but we still kept in touch via email. The unbelievable part was when we both conceived around the same time! We used to mail each other diet and exercise tips and share scan details. Both of us delivered daughters too!! The other unbelievable coincidence is that our daughters’ names start with the unusual letter “O”. We met up with our daughters once and we couldn’t believe we were moms of toddlers!!

We haven’t met up in almost 2 years but we are as close as before. Just shows that “friendship knows no boundaries!”

Kiran Manral said...

Superb comments here. Looking forward to some more coming in before I decide on a winner.

Mona said...

aww such lovely stories here! and this sort of sisterhood is truly a blessing! to be honest, i don't know what story to share because i'm blessed enough to have more than a few friends that fall into the sisterhood category. the girls that i grew up playing and going to school with, the friends i made in college and at work and of course, the warm and wonderful friendships we made within the momblog community :)
i guess i will mention my special friend F, who has been the sister of my heart for the longest time. she and i have had those crazy really-late-at-night (or it is really early morning) deep conversations, been there through each other's ups and downs and spent all day many days doing nothing at all with each other.
we haven't lived in the same city, much less the same country for a few years now but we have this connection, and we literally always pick up exactly where we left off. we don't speak every single day but i know that we are always thinking of, and missing and praying for each other. she is my family outside of my family and i know that i am hers.

Kiran Manral said...

BlogwatiG and Artnavy (from reading corner comment), congrats. Mail me in your addresses at