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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Must Do Before a Travel

A few travel tips that I find extremely useful.

1. I have a ready reckoner diary in which I record day wise what I need in terms of clothes and shoes and other stuff. Before every travel I use the past travel records to make a fresh chart of items I need to pack for me and the kids. So I can be absolutely sure I do not miss anything because I refer the old list each time I make a new list.

2. I make a detailed itinerary even if I am on a personal trip so that I know exactly what I have planned for each day.  This way I maximise my visit.

3. Budget especially when you are doing a foreign travel so you now how much foreign  exchange you will need.

4. Discuss and gather opinions of others who have done a trip to the same place so you know what is the best you can do. I prefer asking people with kids of my age so it is more relevant and you know what to see when you get there.

5. Scout for discounts. I got some discounts on my jet airways boarding card and some more when I searched the net for the deals.

6. Plan for what food you will want to take considering the various tastes of the family. Ensure that you carry some snacks and water in your bag just in case you are stuck somewhere and need a quick bite to satisfy the crankiness and do not have the time to waste in doing a pit stop.

7. If in the road make sure you have your maps so that you know where you will get a pit stop. There was one Hyderabad trip that we did taking a less popular route and realised we had absolutely no
restaurants on the route. I ended up with cranky self and cranky kids who refused to eat on the only roadside shack that we could find. On the way back I armed myself with bread, cheese slices and Nutella just in case.

8. On a road trip, we ensure that we take some small bowls, spoons and glasses and boxes in which we keep the remaining biscuit packs or mixture packets. The bowls ensure that the children do not spill food in the car.

Speaking of food I came across this cool site in which one can order food from
the participating hotels near the location of choice. It was quite exciting to see familiar locations of Chennai popping up in the menu but I advice use the direct page instead of the pop up search page which is very slow. The hotel menu is updated on the site and you can directly select and order. I have not really tried it but it seemed like an idea that is doing extremely well globally. They have apps that you can directly download on your iPad or mobile. But I do believe they could better their speed. They have a cool page also which has some interesting contests running. I wonder if they will supply on the go because if they do, it is going to be really cool. Let's say we are on a highway and the delivery could be done to our car so that we do not need to take a detour.  Wishful thinking I suppose!

9. Back to the topic, we also carry some water for washing or clean up. Every hotel we check out, we ensure we carry some non drinking water back with us to wash whenever needed.

10. I have a ready medicine kit also on hand in which I have tablets for fever, headache, nausea, acidity, stomach upset, probiotic capsules, cough medicine for children, pain balm and sprain spray, thermometer, band aid, soframycin powder and cotton. I have a bag in which I stuff everything so that I really do not need to hunt for a kit before every travel.  Sometimes I carry the BP kit also just in case a migraine gives way to a BP fluctuation.

11. The husband carries a lot of movie Cds to watch in the car . Club Mahindra gives a DVD player on every room so it is truly a good pastime watching movies back to back together.

12. Of course our shoes  because walking can become really very tiring in sandals.

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