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Monday, April 28, 2014

Feeling Very Proud - Momathon

When was the last time you felt really really angry with your children? Exasperated? Upset?
When was the last time you felt really worried about your parenting skill or style? 
Sometimes your children's behaviour may really make you think you are somewhere going very wrong with your parenting. 
I have often felt that, have spoken to other moms about where I could be going wrong. 

I have friends recommend books or methods to make the children know who the boss is.

Or to just take a chill pill considering that the said behaviour may be just a one off case.

I know that sometimes I have sobbed and howled in despair just wondering why they take so much liberty with me?

The husband mentions because they love you you are the only person with whom they can be naughty.

The mom says that it is because they do not see you the entire day so they want to let out their pent up emotions. 

Great words that make me feel better but still makes me look in awe at other parents with well behaved children and wonder where did I go wrong?

The other day a conversation was happening with my online friends and that let me thinking that we have so many instances where our children have made us proud.

It could be a simple act of making breakfast like the brat of karmic kids does.

And Cee has reasons to feel very proud of her young woman who has so many balls in the air.

An impressive score like that of Rahul makes a mom proud.

Or a happy traveller like Ashu

Or a good score in an exam  like that of Anush

A cool entrepreneurial debut like that of Ayaan

Or the mad sibling love which so warms the heart.

Dotmom's son's skill with Maths and piano is legendary.

Sometimes it good be a grown up son who makes a mom proud like Dipali says.

Or a grown up daughter and her public speaking achievement.

Or as IBH says in very simple words that her daughter is a dear older sister and a perfect daughter for her.

So now could be the right time to say it, since I am feeling all soft and mushy about them. I am truly
proud of my children. In our recent trip to Singapore we were trying to save some foreign exchange
on taxis especially since we had spent a huge some of money on tickets, hotel and entertainment so we decided to use the MRT as much as possible. We also took the the decision to walk in the zoo or river safari to make the most of the attractions without being hampered by trams and such which
causes endless amount of wait. We were clocking anything between 12km to 16 km on a given day, on top of that the MRT was a little five minute walk which could seem to be a lot more than that when one is tired and weary after a day of fun activities.

I admit I would feel the most daunted with the walk back from MRT especially because of the weight of the bottles and my hand bag.

I noticed that in spite of the fact that the children had walked as much as us, they were happy troopers standing in the train and not rushing to occupy seats, walking back from the MRT, hopping, frisking and matching our pace without at any point of time saying that they wanted to take a cab to the hotel.

They never threw a tantrum but waited patiently for the lunch or dinners we provided sometimes delayed.

They were extremely cooperative every morning in spite of the late nights.

I felt a lot more proud to note that my children loved the animal and science based places and were not too impressed with Universal Studio since everything there was unreal.  I was very proud to see them extremely interested in the science exhibits and spent time discovering what each display did.

I had to draw their attention to the interesting facts explained on the first few animals in the river safari. They picked up very fast that the stuff gave them a quicker understanding of what they were supposed to see and they began to read as they rushed to each exhibit in the zoo or aquariums.

And today, as I came home balancing several bags, Ojas tells me, Mamma, shall I help you and carried my bag in.

He also said that he has promised a few things to Mother Earth!

Reaching out to all moms....tell us what makes you proud of your children. Let's be proud of our kids together and remind ourselves the many ways in which they make us proud.

Leave a comment or post on your blog and link me back or leave a comment with the link.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Since I dont have a blog anymore , here's my list :

1. I am very proud of how she takes care of her younger sister. She is a mother hen.

2. I am very proud of how sensitive my older one is to everyone's feelings. Does not want to hurt anyones. It is something I will always cherish.

3. I am proud that she can stand her ground when someone tries to bully her for her height.

4. I am very proud when she reaches out to others and helps them even if they shy away from asking.She recognizes the need.

5. I am very proud that she is juggling a lot at this tender age. Loves her dance classes, her treks, her karate class and what not.Still is enthu about her upcoming classes and helping me with the baby!

All in all I am proud to be her mother.