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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Reading Genes Reared Up

Much to my relief, just one fine day, the kids began to read. Really read rather than just turn the pages of their Geranimo Stilton or Goosebumps. 

They started bringing in their school library books like Roald Dahl and then Secret Seven and now St Claire's. 

And they actually read and tell me a gist of what they have read. They worry about how they will finish a 150 pages book in a week and I tell them to take it 25 page at a time. They love counting up the chapters they have completed and even read in the car on the way back home. 

But they are foolish enough not to be exchanging their library books with each other. They vehemently refuse to read each other's books. Now that I feel, is plain silly and I can say that my sister and I had better brains than them in this respect.

And just like that, their Hindi reading and writing have become nearly effortless. 

I was worrying unnecessarily.

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