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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Of Re reading Books

There is a certain undefined pleasure in re reading old favourites.

I must have read my Enid Blytons innumerable times because these books were not readily available in my days. While we had a monthly share of Tinkle and Amar Chitra Kathas, the Enid Blytons were not easily available. I remember waiting in the school library eagerly scanning the shelves and marking in my mind the shelves where I would zero on the moment the teacher gave the nod. So that I would be the first one to get that attractive looking Enid Blyton for the week. Even in those days of paucity, I managed to complete the famous five, secret seven, Malory towers, st Claire's, mystery series, adventure series, faraway land series, naughtiest girl series, etc. The books somehow managed to make an appearance n the right time. Sometimes it was through gifts. Sometimes it was bought off the second hand book seller and sometimes it was the good old borrowing from friends. The eyes were always open for the appearance of the books so that we could complete the series that we were reading.

My first Malory Towers was In The Fifth At Malory Towers. Given away to me by an older and dear friend. I would have read that book at least a 100 times. And a few times before I got round to reading the rest in the series.

Wen I had nothing better to read, I would re read my course books. Shipwrecked, David Copperfield and Anita Desai's Village by the Sea were the frequent sufferers in that regard.

I am not even counting the number of times the Amar Chitra Kathas were thumbed and subjected to re reads.

And I had this problem of reading while in the toilet, while eating, while sleeping, while going to someone's house, basically a book was surgically attached to my hand all the time. It was my safety net against boring situations or long journeys. It was and is my favourite past time.

However, I fear reading the Enid Blytons again because with my children because I realised around 8 years ago that I have outgrown them fully and completely. I find them predictable and not so interesting and painfully short.

In fact I even seem to have outgrown Danielle Steel books. Just imagine I was reading every book by the author That I could lay my hands upon, a decade ago.

I still find book shops magical. Especially because in the small township I have lived my life, the only good book shop was in the heart of the city and not easily accessible.

Even today leave me in a book shop and I can easily spend hours there. In fact my first outing with my friend in Chennai was a two hours time spent in Odyssey book store.

And imagine what I must have felt when I started reviewing books for various publishers at The Reading Corner (

Seriously it is like a new milestone for me. Books that come to my door step and I plan to make the most of it while it lasts as book publicists are fickle and sometimes the stream of books flowing in dry up and they start looking for greener pastures to divert their book supplies to.

Anyway. I digress. The flip side of these books flowing in is that I have to give up on the joys of re reading my old favourites. I must have read the Harry Potter series crazy number of times and so also the Palace of Illusions. And seriously, I wouldn't mind reading them yet again.

And perhaps , given the chance, I would re read at least portions of the Social Butterfly series.

Or all The Jeffery Archers and Sidney Sheldons and my entire books on short stories given the chance.

What is your go to book when you have nothing else to do?

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How do we know said...

oh well! u just openeed up that memory box for me. but enid blyton and amar chitra katha it is, hands down.