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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


The Dastakar mela of Kalashetra was duly attended by Yours Truly who was looking forward to the same since the last few months.

Considering the anticipation that was set in, via FB and email invites, I am truly disappointed this time. Not that it deterred me from spending more than what I have ever spent. even more than what I spend in Dilli Haat on an average.

Not that I am sorry for the purchases... picked up a few Tussar Silk pieces and Tussar stoles in lovely colours and even the vibrant floral cotton lengths from Cotton Curio stall in plain and printex and of course how can my shopping be complete without picking up a couple of bedsheets.

Most stalls were overpriced and some of the good guys had opted out this time.

The variety was not that great especially in the kurtas - they had a same pattern repeated in various colours and sizes and one felt quite like a band party member even looking at them.
There were lovely chanderi and madhubani but all overpriced.

The artisan stalls were also a disappointment. I wanted to buy the nimbu-mirch metal piece but they were worth atleast 100 real lemons and chillies combined.

But of course there are never a dearth of fools like me who go there shopping away to poverty inspite of the sad state of the fair!!!


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