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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bollywood Quiz Book -Hindi Cinema Behind the Scenes

If there has to be a question bank for Kaun Banega Bollywoodpati of sorts, it has to be  Harper's Bollywood Quiz book.

Full of tidbits about the actors and a sneak peak into the trivial of their life, the book is fascinating as far as the Bollywood deewana is concerned.

Care to answer these?
1. During the shooting of which song did big B hurt his hand with a ghunghroo because of which he had to keep his hand in the pocket throughout the shoot?

2. Mr India was scripted with which actor in mind originally?

3. Who inspired Salman Khan to take up painting as a hobby? Err Salman paints unless he is painting the town red? I thought only SRK and Saif painted (the walls in ads)

4. Which other country besides India has a huge fan following of Mithun? No the answer is not West Bengal.

5. What is Saroj Khan's real name?

6. During he shoot of 3 idiots, who was told not to watch Hindi films?

7. Who played Junior Aamir Khan in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar?

8. Which Big B movie was released twice?

9. Which Mahesh Bhatt movie was inspired by his teenage love story? 

10. In which country was the major scenes of Fanaa shot ?

Title- Bollywood Quiz Book
Price- Rs 150
Publisher-Harper Collins


Megha Bansal said...

Mr India was scripted with which actor in mind originally?

Big B? You got me curious!!

cineikons said...

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rsethooraman said...

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