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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ooty Kitsch

I just realized that I have not been posting at all this year due to a variety of reasons like busy schedule, lack of motivation, and not much happening.

So I just want to get back to those days when I posted almost everyday even if it meant mailing over just a few lines via my phone.

So here's a start with some flashback.

While in Ooty we did very little beyond eating and resting in our rooms in Holiday Inn because of cyclone Thane, there were still some things we got round to doing apart from buying home made chocolates and the below worn Doremon caps

We went to the wax museum and this statue was the most photographed one among all the other statues of political leaders. Kindly note the chicken roasting over the faux fire and the drinks The kitschy thread garden - all made up of silk threads

My favourite one.. this has no canvas backing... All thread

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