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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Proof That The Lessons are Taken Very Seriously

Middle of the night in his sleep...
Tejas- Mamma, what is 0 + 0

Ojas- Mamma, who is a painter
Mamma- who paints the house
Ojas- So is Dadda a painter?
Mamma- Ah, well, whoever paints a house and gets money for it is a painter

Mamma- now tell me who is an architect
Tejas- who builds house
Mamma- no he designs a house
Tejas/ Ojas together- no, that is interior designer

Mamma- Why didn't you eat the boiled egg

O/T- because that has a baby chicken inside

Mamma- No, boiled eggs do not have chicken inside. Only raw eggs....(then saw the raw egg in the fridge so added)- only raw egges that are not kept in fridge have chicken inside

Ojas- yes, only eggs that are in the nest have baby chicken inside...

simple isn't it?

why didn't I think of putting it that way

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