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Friday, January 14, 2011

Never Ignore

Tejas would on and off tell me that I have to take paper to school, we have to cut paper.
So I would just tell him, ok, take the newspaper.
Not really taking him seriously.
And since the school sends sms for everything that they are needed to bring to school, I would just take it as a whim of his.
2 days ago, as I dropped the kids at the class, the teacher asked him, where is your newspaper cutting. And said, you never bring it.
And then the bulb glowed for me. I did not know where to put my head.
I told the teacher, my mistake, he would tell but I did not know it was a specific piece of news to be brought every day.
Quickly I went to the car and brought the section which had something on benefits of groundnuts and cleaning of the beach and gave it to her. She promised to send one for Ojas to his class.
If only I had paid more attention to it, I would have loved to do it all this while with the kids.
Anyway never too late.
I also think it is a wonderful idea because it gives the kids a wider perspective than what is being taught in curriculum.
And they like it when their piece of news is put up on the notice board.
I like the enthusiasm of the teachers. I only wish I had been told earlier

1 comment:

Gayatri said...

- Nice idea :)
- Must give this suggestion to Achu's school as well
- Atleast my son will read beyond the TV and magazine section of the newspaper :b