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Saturday, January 01, 2011

For 2011, I Pray...

-That I reach ideal weight in 2011

-That the creative juices keep flowing and I write more and more posts in 2011 and that I get many many comments on my blog posts- c'mon guys, you owe it to me

-That the maid does not bunk for so many days without notice

-That the flow of books do not stop for me and the reading never stops for the kids

-That the vicious cycle of account receivables get cleared - much depends on that Godji-Give the husband as much persuasive skills as possible

-That the salary goes up by...err you know how much I want God, just start thinking beyond needs and consider the wants also dear God.

-That only the good remain with us, the bad, the ugly, the stupid, the rubbish and the evil are totally weeded out and that they too get their just desserts - you know what I mean God?

Hey!!!! Are you listening God?


Phoenixritu said...

Dear Godji, listen to her and err, the same for me too

Anonymous said...


Wishing your the very best for the year ahead.

Warm regards


Andy said...

Amen to that!!

Itchingtowrite said...


Just Like That said...

Amen to that, Itchy! Come to think of it, I could do with a lot of the same too. :-)
Here's to a happy New Year and to requests granted!

Devasena Hariharan said...

I wish and wish most of the things in ur list happens for me as well in my 2011...........