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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wake Up Sid

Apart from sheer entertainment value also proved to be a wake up call for parents - as we were discussing with friends the other day.

It's a nice entertainer, no big brainer type movie, typical Konkona Sen movie with shades of her character from Metro - with her preconceived notions of how her partner should be.

I enjoyed the movie- not that my standards are high as I always say and normally I do not go into greater depths than whether the songs were hummable and whether the actors looked nice or whether the clothes and sets were good and whether there were punches in the movie.

But even by my low standards of dissecting a movie- Ranbir's dialogues with his mom were jarring. Not a little bit of affection for his Mom or Dad throughout the movie. Unrealistic and scary. Does parenthood amount to being just a provider at the end of the day?

The movie addressed the coming of age of the protagonist as he his forced to stand up on his own legs. From a lazy, spoilt brat he becomes a too -good -to- be -true -to -the -point -of -being- annoying -perfect boy. In a way it mirrors the real world - hostel life does knock you into shape- kids who do not move their backside at home start washing their clothes and cooking their own food.

The scariest part is that the success of our kids depend on how much we can understand their talents and help channel their interests towards their career because it would hurt me deeply if my child is unable to enjoy what he is doing in his life.
Hubby and I have discussed this a lot- we do not expect our kids to join our line of business but the business will certainly help them in securing opporunities they would like to pursue.
At 15 our education system expects kids do decide what they want to do in their life when even the available options are not clear enough. Yes there is an improvement from our days when it was either engineering or medicine and MS or MBA. But is that enough?
And oh yes, the songs are nice. I like Iktara, Wake up Sid number is quite catchy!


Saya said...

I watched this movie and liked it. I thought ranbir was perfect for the role.

Mahesh said...


One of my friends from school, was resticated from school for his disobedience.He was conmsidered to be a bratt and mothers advised kids not to be friends with him.

His eglish was good , he read a lot and had a passion to lead and a way with words.when everyone else joined the Engineering, Medical wagon. He joined sales-today is the associate VP of one of the larget Ad groups in India directly involved in launch of great products.

Another friend of mine too was passionate about being good wioth words and a passion for englis as a language. He joined 91.1 as one of the Creatives and today he is a sought after TV channels creative head.

Both the people i mentioned were successfull only when they were in their 30s.Other contemporires like me who followed the bandwagon are still looking for our dream role.

Now i think following your passion and what you are good at brings you sucess and not what you think brings you oppurtunites.

These are people from my own life..and they have proved that if you like what you do, you dont have to work for the rest of your life.

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks Mahesh for the insight. inspiring!

Sri said...

Agree with ur is nice,songs are hummable..but somehow wasnt convinced that Ranbir realised his feelings for Konkana just by reading her article when he didnt express any while staying with her..