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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sureshot Happiness Boosters-

1. Long lunch (at Radisson Garden cafe) with friend. A grand start to the new year.
2. Buying 5 flowering plants on an impulse- all potted so the fading green thumb doesn't kill them.
3. Having a loooooooong chat across continents with school friend. Just start off from where you last left and the best part is you can just be yourself- we both know what we were in school!! ;)
4. Morning Walk
5. Planning for and gearing up for your next projects - could be simple stuff like hosting dinner or revamping the garden or experimenting to perfect the banana cake (I promise recipe when done!) or tough ones like clearing the kitchen shelves!!
6. Making apple jam!! Because it is the easiest- pressure cook apples and sugar and dry the mix in open pan. Add cinnamon powder and a few drops of lime juice. Or simply microwave them until done.
7. Playing badminton with the spouse on weekend evenings - even though the kids act as the "net" with their own rackets and the neighbour's kid keeps telling the spouse- uncle can I play instead of you!! Atleast you don't get to talk to each other while playing and therefore you don't quarrel. And the upperhand is for you. Everytime the hubby gives a tough serve you can promise him that he doesn't get dinner!

Seven things so there, I have taken care of the entire week!!


Devasena Hariharan said...

Are you sure that is the Apple Jam recipe. Coz I'm going to try it.

How do we know said...

ROTFL - i loved that threat to the hubby!

dipali said...

All good!

Sue said...

Oi, please confirm nothing more (or less) is required for the apple jam!

Itchingtowrite said...

preservative if u are keeping it long term but I am guessing you are not keeping it more than a week in teh fridge
ok details-
cut apples, i recommend grate the peel portion and just slice the rest , add sugar and pressure cook. then just leave it open and dry it. add cinnamon powder towards the end and a few drops of lime before removing from heat
4 apples will give u a tiffin box full that will not last more than a week. U can make pineapple jam exactly like that. except for cinnamon- i dont think cinnamon goes with pineapple. may be try some pepper in that

Sue said...

Will give it a shot, thanks.