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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally Read

Shalimar & 5 point someone.
Shalimar- read diagonally with least commitment so much so I sometimes by mistake re read parts that I had already read without finding it familiar. Also read a few random pages to judge how the story will progress. Simple Bollywood style story which was made complicated by adding war, rebellion and Kashmir to the formula. Sadly, to me, things really got exciting and interesting somewhere at the last chapter - precisely the last page, last few paragraphs.

5 Point Someone- Just a story of 3 boys at IIT, reminded me of my hostel days. It has major gaps in places which made me wonder that a page was missing and had me counting the page numbers to ensure that the gap was intended. But yes, a book that speaks to me, had me hanging at each word, made me feel sorry that it was over and much more fast paced than One night at a call centre. Go read it if like me, you haven't already done it.


Artnavy said...

tagged- do it fast this one okay?

Monika said...

oh i loved shalimar... i love rushdie so :)

hitch writer said...

seems like I have to check out 5 point some one..

I am nostalgic all the time about college

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Wil keep your comments in mind the next time I go book-hunting!