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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Document Must Dos

Being the official scatterbrain, I have often been cornered with mails/ questions like- where is this document or sudden messages that the last date of the bill is due. Since I have the least faith in my memory I have this back-up system in place-
1. If I have submitted a document/ application to the company, I always back it up with a mail indicating the list of documents I have submitted- this includes stuff like application of PF transfer, submission of vehicle documents etc. I have absolutely no faith in either my memory or in the system in any organisation. And even if the system is perfect it is not necessery they will respond the moment I need something.
2. Never ever issue a cheque or lend money whether it is to a colleague, dhobi, maid or neighbour, without making a record of it. Chances are I will forget and they will too- without meaning to.
3. Have a single folder for all bills of major purchases like white goods- whenever I need the warranty card- I know where to look for.
4. Separate folder for all investments big or small.
5. A diary that maintains a record of what comes out or gets in into the bank locker
6. A mini record of who has borrowed my books and when
7. Blog that records major events/ medication/ travels so that I can extrapolate events from there if I need to refer to something.
8. Mobile alerts fixed for - checking if the gas is over, phone bill, credit card bill - so that I am not caught unawares incase I have not been told to book the gas when the gas cylinder is changed in my absence.
9. All bills that are to be submitted to the company are docked separately so that I have to just pull out stuff from there and submit my claim
10. As a rule, I make payments in cheque as far as possible. So that there is always a record of the same.


Phoenixritu said...

You are very organized. I am impressed. I have a catch-all kind of pitari which I call the Lost and Found Deptt into which all bills and receipts are thrown in. That is the extent of my organized life.

Monika,Ansh said...

Smart girl. I wosh i had your organisation skills. I am surely takng notes here :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hello, fellow scatterbrain! I follow some of the things you do too! Like the other ideas as well. Unfortunately, I have the deadly combination of being scatterbrained as well as lazy, so you can imagine!

VJ said...

this show how organised you are !

dipali said...

I try, I try. But.... there's a big but out there- tend to sit on itt!!!
You are mega-organised- hats off to you!

NC said...

You are very organized!! I wish I was anywehre close.