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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Factual Fiction- Meeting

Extremely important not to let your guard down. To appear animated, fully interested in the proceedings, be alert for loopholes in the talk/ plan and ask intelligent questions at the opportune moment, have the data and reference material prominently in front of you to answer sticky questions, take copious notes obviously and intersperse your two-bit every now and then.

You just could not control yourself. Just when you quickly whisper a snide remark to your neighbour and are having a quick laugh about it, that the boss poses a question to you. You splutter, stutter and grope randomly for the answers in the projected screen in front or in the speaker’s face and at the right time you vaguely remember the topic on hand and give a generic reply hoping that it makes sense.

To make it worse, the smarty pants strategically seated next to the boss snorts- wake up call eh!

footnote- ironically, posting this while seated at a meeting, the screen strategically directed away from the boss's / colleague's eyes. That really elevates me in everyone's eyes na!!!


Just like that said...

he he he. On a serious note, its amazing that we come to work cos we don't want to be idle and bored ...
and then we get drawn into doing THE most boring things in office! And end up putting up with the greatest bullshitters!

artnavy said...

u were always a cat at such things

Cuckoo said...

Like am reading your blog and commenting at the moment!! :)

Janefield said...

hahaha! :D