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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When does the cross over to too much/ extreme happens…& Tagged to Create a Scene

1. When every Saturday becomes working day due to work pressure
2. When everyone seems to be taking you for granted
3. When every thing you do seems to be criticised
4. When one (in-house) guest goes and paves the way for another one
5. When you take leave to sack at home and a long lost relative or the (in-law side) relative living in a nearby hostel drops in – believe me it his happened to me
6. When travel extends beyond 2 weeks at a stretch (for hubby)
7. When everyone in the house falls ill one after the other
8. When power supply goes off just for the duration when your favourite program is on TV
9. When your laptop crashes in front of the client
10. When dispatch sends wrong samples to client and advices that we should check the samples before it leaves. Well do I need a change in job description?
11. When deadline from client is yesterday and feedback happens the day after day after (repeat infinity times) tomorrow

Tagged to Create a Scene
I was tagged by Aashun to write the best scenes I have seen. Well, since i am not too much of a movie critic and like to watch a movie for the fun and entertainment of it without putting too much of grey matter at work on it, I took quite some time to think it up. Like I told him, it was a difficult tag for me.

1. Jaane bhi do yaaron- the finale when the Mahabharat and Ramayana scenes interchange
2. Golmaal- old one- Utpal Dutt chases the eloping couple in his Ambassador- his expressions are world class
3. One fine day- the demure mom dressing up for a “passionate” night with the raunchy- rowdy hero- and the anti-climax
4. Deewar- mere paas maan hai – off course! Not funny to me when I saw that initially but after seeing the rip offs on MTV and the other forwarded SMS etc
5. Masoom- emotional one- when Naseeruddin Shah returns back to the car after supposedly seeing off his son
6. Lagaan- match and the Indian bowlers
7. Catch me if you can & Bunty aur Bubbly- everytime the authorities realize that their man has escaped
8. Namak Halaal- the shoe episode, espisode with the grandfather and his scenes as Shashi Kapoor’s attendant (gatekeeper and all)
9. Yaraana- Amitabh’s Tassshan dress in the song in the stadium- serial lights and all
Well, now the fun (evil look) part
I tag Patti, Art Navy, somethingtosay, analog, la vida


Anonymous said...

Bravo! I must say, even though you say that it was a hard one for you, you have collected the scenes better than I had.
lol @ yaraana one.
Nicely done!

Inder said...

utpal dutt rocked in the whole movie. 'thengai' srinivasan too was not far behind in its tamil version :)

artnavy said...

poor you - has the weekend been one of extremes?

thanks and done the tag

Anonymous said...

Nicely done tags... Golmaal, Deewar, Namak Halaal were good picks :)

cardamom said...

everybody's playin taggie taggie nowadays....nice thing you are really good at...well why don't u write abt orkut..your bitter/sweet/weird/funny experiences on the social netwoking site..aashun has already done this...

take it as a TAG..:)

Sush said...

Cross-over and the tag on scenes.. Wah Kya Scene hai and wah wah kya write-up hai.. caught up with the blog after a little gap :-)

Something to Say said...

will defi take up your tag, itchy... and good pick of scenes too

theanalogkid said...

done the tag... enjoyed doing it :)

theanalogkid said...

done the tag... enjoyed doing it :)

Ashish said...

I read this, the Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron scene came back to my mind, and I split my sides laughing. Very few scenes can compare to that scene.

Btw, I completed your request on shopping sites in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

Jaane bhi do Yaaro....I guess everyone who knows anything about hindi cinema loves that scene...What a laugh riot :D

itchingtowrite said...

aashun, inder,kk- thanks
art- no just thought of it when the news of impending (hubby's) travel came
cardamom- will do something on orkut soon- good idea
sush- thanks- welcome back
something to say- thanks
analog- yes saw it on ur site
ashish- m too while writing it. will read urs now
sat- welcome