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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

50 Fu@k$ to no longer give before I turn 50

Just got tired of all the Fu@k& I have been giving all these while. Turns out, they dont even matter. Like not even those that were so important to me just a while back.  

1. Doing things for appearances sake
2. Saying yes when I want to say no 
3. Keeping my mouth shut when the other person is grossly wrong
4. Completing a book/ article/ movie etc because I started it
5. Reading a message the moment it comes
6. Calling people who don't call because I like to give the respect 
7. Expecting love and respect in return when given 
8. Giving love and respect when none is given to me 
9. Giving loans and believe the loan will be returned no matter whether given to rich/ poor / friend/ foe
10. Eating old food instead of dumping them
11. Engaging with stupid people
12. Being polite when being rude is better for my sanity 
13. Doing things before deadline 
14. Taking meetings/ calls on my holiday esp for non-essential work 
15. Attending all possible meetings, double-booked sometimes
16. Delaying my lunch to accommodate people 
17. Lending my books to people who don't treat books with love and care 
18. Writing for free or exposure -haha 
19. Joy of success - because the last success if too far back, does not matter 
20. Supporting with likes/ 5 stars/ reviews 
21. Accepting friend requests from those who don't speak to me in real life or who keep their profile private and keep a DP which has nothing to do with how they look
22. Grinning and bearing mansplaining
23. Jumping into fights to support those who don't deserve it
24. Waiting for things to happen
25. Carrying on a relationship for the sake of the relationship
26. Thinking of what ifs 
27. Listening to or following unsolicited advice 
28. Dispensing with unsolicited advice 
29. Keeping silent for the sake of peace when insulted 
30. Worrying about the future
31. Cribbing about things outside my circle of control or influence
32. Going the extra mile when the other goes zero 
33. Accommodating the whole world and their uncle except self 
34. Cleaning after everyone
35. Worrying and crying about dying plants. 
36. Cooking the perfect dish 
37. Religion, following rituals 
38. Braggers on social media 
39. Having the last word 
40. Resolving the whole world and their uncle's problems 
41. Attending every function I am invited to 
42. The good old sentence - trust me/ I promise 
43. Guilting about me time
44. Keeping quiet when gaslighting is in full force
45. Patriarchy and those who follow it
46. Trying to follow or go with the plan even when situation changes- it's ok to change it, I have realised because everyone else does it as they prioritise themselves
47. Trying to make conversation when clearly it is heading nowhere 
48. Being so particular about housekeeping that it affects my sanity- I love my little dust bunnies and strips of soft, powdery dust, yay.  
49. Being wrong about / changing my mind about/ failing at something 
50. Praise even when I deserve it - it’s just in the moment. It’s forgotten the next minute. 

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