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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Health is Wealth

I am participating in the happy hours contest for dabur chyawanprash.

Truly said, a healthy child is a joy to behold and exactly opposite is the truth when a child falls sick.

Especially the first five years is the most testing period for parents because that is the time children contract diseases, fall sick and in the process even develop immunity.
Which is why vaccinations are done mostly during the first five years with a few that follow through at the age of ten.

Since I have twins, the problem that I face is both children fall sick one after the other. Both good and bad because then I can handle them together and manage with one doctor visit only.

Of course there are times when the other does not contract the disease and that means I spend time worrying about the fact the other should not contract it especially if it is some trouble some problem like hand foot and mouth disease that Tejas once got.

Nevertheless, it is important that we bear utmost caution with children especially during the first five years when immunity is low.

- ensure that children wash hands properly and often especially before eating.
- inculcate clean habits especially once they start their bum washing on their own.
- ensure that they learn to wash fruits before eating
- make sure they do not lick the packet or bottles of any snack item as they ae stored often in not so clean conditions in the store,
-wipe all dust off any snack pack before giving to the children
- deworming them on doctor's orders every six months.
- give them some immunity building food. My brother would eat dabur chyawanprash and that did wonders for them. So does pepper, tulsi, honey etc for building immunity against cough and cold I am told.
- ensure they participate in one me physical activity like playing sport, swimming etc to build strength
- make sure to give balanced diet because that is the first step to build immunity and strength.
-at the same time, making sure they expose themselves to the elements and not be too much mollycoddled also build immunity. Many parents swaddled the child in woollens at the slightest feel of chill weather, especially in chennai. My kids' doctor advices to remove the sweater even though they are having fever and asks to allow the body to breathe.
- allowing circulation of clean air every day in the home and the bedroom also helps in bringing in freshness in the home and keeping it disease and dust free.
- have greenery around so that it maximises cleanable and pure air.
- make sure change bedclothes very often and dust them everyday.
- vacuum occasionally to remove dust mites.
-especially in cases of small children, make sure their soiled clothes are washed separately so that no cross contamination happen.

Ultimately of course it is not easy to always keep disease at bay but we can do as much as possible to reduce the severity and frequency of the same.

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