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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sponsored Video - A Mere Tree or a Child

Just as one takes care of a child, the mothers in Bitobe Indonesia take care of a tree. Not because they do not have children but because they have lost their child(ren) to diarrhoea even before they turned 5. The practice in Utari's village is to mark a tree when a child is born and take care of it as one would take care of a child. However when the child dies before the age of 5 due to preventable diseases like diarrhoea all that remains for the parents is the tree.

The video opens with Utari watering a tree, spending time with it and thereafter showing her love for the tree. It is not just any tree. It is her tree, her son who remains after her child passed away, losing life to preventable disease. In the end her husband tells Utari, "sleep well as tomorrow is a big day son, you turn five"

Lifebuoy’s on a mission to help celebrate every child’s fifth birthday, by stopping the spread of preventable diseases which cause 5,000 children under five to die every day.

The simple act of hand washing can prevent many life-threatening diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia.  

In 2013, Lifebuoy adopted Thesgora, India and by teaching healthy hand washing habits, reduced incidents of diarrhoea from 36% to 5%.  This year, they will adopt Bitobe, Indonesia.

Do your part to help children reach their birthday by sharing this video and Utari’s story on social media with #helpachildreach5 “

Post sponsored by Lifebuoy

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