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Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Lens Disaster

So I had been wondering why i was unable to see the computer screen properly. It was especially problematic after I changed to my new lens.
I was wondering
Whether my power had changed
Or whether the lens was not made correctly which meant the entire strip of 3 would be wrong
Or whether I have suddenly developed plus vision.

I had been squinting at the screen for two days especially with the left eye when it suddenly struck me.

I exchanged the lenses and the world seemed much brighter.


But what worries me considerably is that in these two days,

I was not worried so much that my power would have changed

I was not worried so much that I may have got plus vision

I was most concerned about

- how will I wear lenses if I get plus power
- What will I do with the six months worth of lens that I had purchased at discounted rate.
- And that I will have to spend a few hours at the doctor's for checking my eye

And that thought itself is most worrying that i was worried about all the wrong things

1 comment:

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Just a suggestion: do visit a doctor and get your eyes checked at the earliest.