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Friday, November 30, 2012


Last is sunday we enrolled the kids into cricket coaching. The husband being a cricket fan and player....(which Indian man is not, I ask), he insisted that cricket coaching should happen.

The coach insists that this should be done twice a day on both weekends and the husband is eager to do it.

The place is less than 10 minutes away but the husband doesn't want to budge after dropping them.

The day began last week with me being rudely awakened at 5.38 am even before the kids are awakened, to get the kids ready for cricket. Where does this alacrity go on school days I ask.

Not to forget the huge kit that has been purchased, kit bag, bat, gloves, pads, helmet, attire, footwear, and th guards and support most importantly. The kids believe they look very smart in the helmet.

The coaching begins and ends with 2 circuits of the playground which is done very lazily. Here you can see the kids running around the huge ground.

And it works this way. They are allowed to go to cricket only if they go to keyboard classes and continue with their drawing classes.

Fingers crossed.
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